My Improvement Suggestions after playing for a while

Content of the article: "My Improvement Suggestions after playing for a while"

  1. Summons deal +XX% Damage on Jewels
  2. Thunderstorm needs to be buffed and changed in the following way :

– Cooldown should not end at 0.4 sec – it should got down to 0.1 or 0.2 sec, since it cannot attack multiple targets at the same time anyway it does not matter much

– Synergy from Lightning Surge is totally waste since Lightning Surge will never be of any use with a Thunderstorm build, it should be replaced by Energy Shield instead, so this build can at least make a really decent Energy shield build.

That is anyway necessary because you always need to be quite close to mobs, while other skills, that deal a lot more damage have a much higher range (I know there are exceptions – but they deal geat AoE Damage for the price of the risk to be close).

Also to improve the overall damage, it needs an additional Synergy with +21% Lightning damage on Static Field, so we can at least put one point into that too, to get a decent damage boost, since Thunderstorm is pretty weak anyway. It does not matter, if we can never ever get all Synergies fully skilled, but that way we can chose to either reduce the Cooldown to the min possible, or instead push the damage by skilling Static Field. This change would make this Skill really interesting and diverse.

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– Add a Runeword for Sorc Wands (2 Sock) to make Thunderstorm deal Splash Damage or add a unique Jewel that Improves Thunderstorm in that way.

Also I think the overall lenght of the skill being active is quite low it could be doubled.

  1. Add a unique Jewel that comes with the property to turn a Necromancer's Curse into a Curse Aura, just like we can do in PoE. This Jewel should drop with a random Curse mod on it, for example :

Necrotic Jewel of Lower Resist : turns your Lower Resist skill into an Aura that can be activated and drains continuosly Mana.

There should be a bunch of these Jewels all for a single Curse, and you can only have one at a time active ofc.

Since it would take one socket, it is quite a balanced tradeoff imo.

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