New Crusader feels like he’s nibbling everything to death

Content of the article: "New Crusader feels like he’s nibbling everything to death"

I recently got Diablo 3 for the Switch and started off with a (non-seasonal) Wizard character. Using mostly Wave of Force and Disintegrate, I was able to blast my way through the campaign, several Torment I bounties & rifts, and a few dozen Paragon levels. Then I decided to start a seasonal character and try to accomplish as much as possible before the season ended, and I chose a Crusader. I'm at level 41 now, following this guide for what skills to select as I level up, wielding a level-33 legendary Pig Sticker with 96.0 Dmg, having total Damage/Toughness/Healing of 1772/38.1k/5560, and for a while fighting enemies has just felt like I'm nibbling/pinging/poking them to death. (Sure, the weapon is probably part of the problem, but it can't explain the whole thing, can it?) I basically Smite, Smite, Smite until I have enough Wrath for Fist of the Heavens, lather, rinse, repeat, and it takes multiple iterations to kill anything that's not popcorn.

(I'm not even sure if I understand Fist of the Heavens correctly; based on the description, I expect it to hit every enemy within range, but I only ever see one bundle of lightning come down on one enemy when I use it, and often the currently-highlighted enemy's health bar — especially when dealing with packs of blues — doesn't seem to budge.)

Two specific recent examples of this nibbling:

  • I went up to Expert difficulty for a bit, then came back down to Hard after I died too many times (three). While on Expert, I did a Nephalem Rift; it was mostly uneventful until I got to the end, where it took what felt like five solid minutes to kill the Rift Guardian.

  • Most recently (back on Hard), I did a Cursed Chest event where killing 100 enemies before the timer ran out would give me another chest; the enemies were mostly Morlu(?), and I killed 29 of them. Not good.

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Am I playing a Crusader wrong? Using the wrong skills? Prioritizing the wrong stats? Or is this just how Crusaders are until you unlock the good stuff at level 70?

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