New player, First time playthough was amazing. What’s next?

Content of the article: "New player, First time playthough was amazing. What’s next?"

Amazing first playthrough as a wizard, started as campaign mode, after beating act 5, started playing online, got invited by a friendly clan and learned how to maximize my character. Got to Greater rift 102 solo so far, and finished the seasonal acheivements.

Now that I got all my wiz BiS, and finished the season acheivements, i feel like i hit a hard ceiling, i can't push futher than Grift 102.. Trying to farm for ancient/primals/minor upgrades and gems doesn't seem that alluring… so I think i cleared all the content,?. is this the end? am i missing something?

Second Question

My only gripe with the game was that it was WAY TOO EASY in campaign single player mode, although i set it to the hardest difficulty at the time (expert i think?) I must admit, the most enjoyable part of playing the game was leveling up to 70 and learning all the abilities, building out my character, testing out builds, maximizing, and progressing all the way to rift 102… creating my own builds and playstyle, was really fun.

I want to do that again with another class. Torn between frenzy barb and crusader..

So I started a crusader, set it to a harder difficulty hoping it would be really difficult (and therefore stimulating & rewarding) and i realized i could make a hellfire ring?! at lvl 1 I even had all the materials already? is that right?
after making one i hitup a harder rift and 1 shotted everything., gained 7 levels in an instant.. it felt very un-rewarding like i was cheating.. now because of that i have no desire to play my crusader, had too many new ability and got overwhelmed… i wanted to pace my progression slower.. so i set it to torment 1 and then i couldnt even kill a zombie – it was like a huge descrepancy in balance – taking 2 minutes to kill a single zombie.. haha

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This comes to my next question. If i want to get the same experience of leveling up a character slowly, learning the abilties AND ALSO **have the game be actually difficult/challenging** is there a playstyle or rules i should follow?

Like rift level VS character level?

And no thanks to hardcore mode — thats just 1 lagspike / frost pack from deleting a character – no offense to the hardcore scene — but i'm convinced thats not my style, unless you care to convince me otherwise? 🙂

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