Noob questions for Diablo 3

I just started playing tonight (haven't played since the original Diablo and at my stopping point right now I'm at lvl 9. I'm running a Wizard and just unlocked the Blacksmith. I had a few questions:

  1. I never got the option to make this character Seasonal. I do have all the expansions, but when I started it wasn't available. Is that because we are between season currently? Will this seriously hinder my progress?
  2. I have read that you pretty much want to salvage EVERYTHING for crafting materials that you can…correct? If so, what are the items most agree a low level wizard should purchase, if any?
  3. For off hand items, i'm assuming you want to use what is best for your class? I have a decent shield that gives 18 armor, but I also picked up a Foreboding Eagle Orb, which is made just for Wizards …so i'm using that. Are there going to be many cases where you use something that isn't specifically in your class cause the stats are so much better than whatever item you are using that goes with your class (like for me, a non specific wizard item).
  4. Should I train my artisans right away ..or wait till I can actually USE the items my level they make. I have 10K of gold now, and can upgrade the blacksmith, but can't really use anything that level he could make. Is there a certain amount of gold I don't want to go below …like always have that much left over?
  5. Since I'm in campaign mode right now and am a squishy wizard it would be nice to get a follower; how much longer from this spot till I get the Crusader? I've heard he is the first you can hire. I'm guessing it would be nice to save any items I get for that class and not salvage them if I know I want that kind of follower?
  6. At what level do items start having sockets? Will I bet able to tell easily if an item has one? Do you find gems and then upgrade them, or create them and then upgrade them …or both?
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Any other suggestions (make sure you do this as soon as possible, never do this, always watch for this, etc) would be appreciated. Thanks.

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