Patch #20: Perlite

Website Improvements:

  • Website ladder and PMs systems were fully rewritten to improve website performance significantly.
  • Season Firsts page is now accessible from the ladder page. It has been improved to now track:

-First Andariel Kill In Normal / Nightmare / Hell

-First Duriel Kill in Normal / Nightmare / Hell

-First Mephisto Kill in Normal / Nightmare / Hell

-First Diablo Kill in Normal / Nightmare / Hell

-First Baal Kill in Normal / Nightmare / Hell

-First Uber Izual Kill

-First Lilith Kill

-First Uber Duriel Kill

-First Uber Diablo Kill

-First Uber Baal Kill

-First Uber Mephisto Kill

-First Infernal Diablo Kill

  • New skill mechanic: Alternate skills. Details
  • Mind Blast now has an alternate skill mode: Stun or Convert a group of enemies, Deals no damage.
  • Mind Blast damage synergy from Mind Barrier changed to Cloak Shadows.
  • Psychic Hammer damage synergy from Mind Barrier change to Cloak of Shadows.
  • Mind Barrier is removed from the game.
  • Conviction radius increased from 32u to 36u.
  • Meditation radius increased from 32u to 36u.
  • Cleansing radius increased from 32u to 36u.
  • Prayer radius increased from 32u to 36u.
  • Defiance radius increased from 32u to 36u.
  • Helm corruption +5-10 Strength increased to 5-15.
  • Helm corruption +5-10 Energy increased 5-15.
  • Boots corruption +5-10 Dexterity increased to 5-15.
  • Bolts/Arrows corruption +5-10 Vitality increased 5-15.
  • Fixed a bug with Blessed Hammer proc on Blessed Aim which in practice was procing less than it should.
  • Fixed Frenzy incorrectly listing Cleave as the synergy when in reality was Double Swing.
  • Throwing Weapon Mastery now has a chance to critical strike.
  • Throwing weapons now have durability instead of quantity. Melee and Ranged attacks both consume durability.
  • Mythical sword rangeadder increased from 1 to 2.
  • Unique item Earthshifter chance to cast level 14 Fissure changed to level 19 Fissure.
  • Faith runeword reanimated as skeleton stat reduced from 10% to 4%.
  • Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge knockback removed.
  • Whirlwind can now proc CTCs. The CTCs receive a one third chance penalty so a skill that has a 30% chance to cast on attack/hit will instead have a 10% chance. The penalty doesn’t affect when struck, on kill or on levelup/death. Melee splash will not work. Fixed a crash that could occur from using Whirlwind as an oskill (Chaos runeword.
  • Chaos runeword +1 Zeal changed back to +1 Whirlwind.
  • Whirlwind on Chaos runeword will use the ‘expansion mode’ mechanics which make Whirlwind benefit from attack speed.

Expansion Mode: Initially attacks once every 14 frames for two handers or 12 frames for one handers. Weapon atk speed and IAS both reduce the frame delay between attacks all the way down to 4 frames. See chart When dual wielding, Whirlwind hits two targets at once ( each weapon has a different target ) or if only one target is available it will use both weapons to attack the target. Fast attacking weapons are favored and dual wielding is good.

Classic Mode: An attack is performed on one target every 4 frames no matter what attack speed. Slow hard hitting weapons are favored. Each hit alternates between weapons when dual wielding so a shield is preferable.

  • Chance to reduce weapon durability reduced from 10% to 4%.
  • Phase Run chance to reset duration reduced slightly at higher levels (11% to 8% @Lvl20)
  • Todesfaelle Flamme Righteous Fire radius increased.
  • Act 1 Mercenary now has Pierce (amazon skill).
  • Fire Claw Fissure synergy changed to Armageddon.
  • Significantly reduced the gambling cost of arrows and bolts.
  • Open Wounds formula reworked (remains the same as vanilla mechanically). Base duration reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. Added a +Open Wounds Bleed Damage stat. Added a +Open Wounds Bleed Duration stat.
  • Casting Grim Ward is no longer interruptible.
  • Reverted Warpspear back to vanilla stats (was changed accidentally).
  • Enflame and Frigerate now have separate damage for both allies and self.
  • Enflame (allies) damage scaling at higher levels reduced.
  • Enflame damage synergy reduced from 12% to 8%.
  • Enflame & Frigerate (self) damage is triple the ally damage.
  • Frigerate damage synergy increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Oak Sage +life% per level reduced from 4% to 3%.
  • Lycanthropy +life% per level increased from 3% to 4%.
  • Wake of Fire damage synergy reduced from 20% to 18%.
  • Leap now deals damage in an area upon landing.
  • Blade Shield damage scaling at all levels decreased.
  • Blade Shield damage synergies increased from 4% to 8%.
  • Blade Throw no longer shares a maximum trap count with the elemental trap so it will no longer destroy an existing trap if 5 are deployed.
  • War Cry damage synergies increased from 16% to 17%.
  • Freezing Arrow starting mana cost decreased from 8 to 4.5.
  • Ice Arrow starting mana cost decreased from 4 to 2.7.
  • Raise Skeleton Warrior base damage per level increased slightly at levels 17+.
  • Summon Mastery minion damage per level increased from 10% to 12%.
  • Amazon bow skills that could offscreen a significant distance have all been reduced to slightly beyond the edges of the screen.
  • Multiple Shot reduced weapon damage from 100% to 90%.
  • Multiple Shot arrow count cap reduced from 24 to 18.
  • Multiple Shot flat skill damage scaling lowered at levels 23+.
  • Search for Cain quest reward will now give a melee splash jewel in addition to a rare ring.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed opening a town portal in the Infernal Trial area.
  • New Barbarian passive: Puncture – Passive that adds bleed chance, duration and damage.
  • New Barbarian passive: Counter Attack – Chance to strike back at an enemy attacker with your main hand damage.
  • New Barbarian passive: Pulverize – Chance to send a shockwave towards enemies, dealing physical damage.

Martial Arts Tree Rework:

  • Charge up skills no longer require a finishing move. Any melee attack, including the charge-ups themselves can proc the effect. Charges don’t expire from attacks, only time.
  • Fists of Fire: Gain Fire Damage to Attacks, Do an Explosive Attack and Summon a Meteor. These effects are all cumulative.
  • Claws of Thunder: Gain Lightning Damage to Attacks, Release a Fork Lightning, Cast Static Field.
  • Blades of Ice: Gain Cold Damage to Attacks, Release enemy seeking Icicles, Gain Accuracy.
  • Tiger Strike: Gain Increasingly more Enhanced Damage.
  • Cobra Strike: Gain Lifesteal & Manasteal, Attack reduce monster defense, Gain Life & Mana on hit.

  • Experimental skill for testing on PTR: Conversion rework – creates sentinels of light on kill. This skill is not going into season 11 but you can playtest the concept.

  • Relics can now have special encounters where you come across a stronger, more dangerous monster randomly while clearing the zone.

  • Added bosses to the relics which had none.

  • Added new relic stats to increase the pool of stats such that the annoying stats appear less often and are less likely to stack with one another.

  • The relic changes will not be in the PTR initially but will be added throughout the week. I am working on some new relics but map design is very time consuming so I don’t have anything ready to show yet. I will either add new maps this week or shortly after the reset.

  • The Jade Tan Do reworked. before.jpg / after.jpg

  • Ripsaw reworked. before.jpg / after.jpg

  • Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian reworked. before.jpg / after.jpg

  • Steel Pillar reworked. before.jpg / after.jpg

  • Gargoyle's Bite reworked. before.jpg / after.jpg

Quality of Life

  • Loot filtration code has been fully rewritten to improve performance thereby reducing FPS drops.
  • Loot filtration now supports displaying notifications in the chat for dropped items.
  • Loot filtration now supports minimap icons for dropped items.
  • Loot filtration now supports audio cues for dropped items.
  • Improved audio to reduce FPS drops in large areas or with big party sizes.
  • Added a new option to show the min/max range of stats on items.
  • Added a new option to always display items instead of holding alt key.
  • Charms will no longer display a level requirement greater than 100 when outside the charm inventory.
  • Added a scrollbar to the character selection screen.
  • Removed a 10 frame global skill cooldown which can occur on some skills and CTCs. (If PTR testing goes well).
  • Game names ending in a number will be automatically increased by 1 after exiting the game (example baalruns-1 to baalruns-2).
  • Game name, password and game server are all remembered after exiting a game so you don’t have to refill everything.
  • The public games list now has a search bar to find games more easily.
  • Relics will now show their stats on the right hand side of your screen when the minimap is opened.
  • New information added while the minimap is opened: Area mlvl, Ping, FPS, Clock (your PC), and current GS #.
  • Inventory management shortcuts have been remapped like Path of Exile:

Ctrl + left click -> moves item to opposite pane (so inv to stash/cube/trade, stash or cube to inv).

Ctrl + shift + left click -> moves item to cube

Ctrl + right click -> throws the item on the ground

New: ctrl + shift + right click -> identify an item (if you have an id scroll or book in your inventory).

  • Improved inventory management code for better performance.
  • Added 1080p and 4K upscaling support through a new video mode: DirectDraw. It comes with multiple upscaling modes so you can smooth out the graphics as little or as much as you want. It is very customizable like glide so you can customize window sizes and lock your cursor in the game. Switching it on will be as easy as selecting DirectDraw in your launcher.
  • Clan improvements were introduced a few weeks ago: You can set ranks for your members and talk in a clan global chat. See clan improvements thread for more details.
  • You can now set your favorite gs using /gs. Creating a game without specifying a GS # will default to your favorite.
  • New storage tab in stash: Store and stack all your runes, gems and oocs.

Thank You

I'd like to thank all the amazing people who have helped PoD in some way in the months leading up to this reset. I especially want to highlight Necrolis, Relesgoe, Nullptr & Sizzles for their above and beyond contributions to this mod & upcoming season. Without their help we wouldn't be having such amazing systems. All contributions no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated. Karvarousku, Necrolis, Sizzles, Hz, Ogodei, Kingpin, Telriakar, Jetaman, Paul S., Mmmpld, Flyers, Vinthian, Reaxis, Drevok, Dav, Tormod, Thehornblower, Isaac, Relesgoe, teitlax, Master_Cram, Rocketfloof, IAmTrial, M81, Dschu012, Arolds, Guijss, JimmyTheJ, Nefarius, planqi, nullptr, CNCddraw team as well as our amazing moderation team and all the foreign languages community helpers. Hopefully I got everyone! (pm me if i missed u)

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who supported the server costs via donations or patreon. Thanks to your support we were able to pay the bills and invest in improvements. If you wish to help please check out our donation page or patreon page.

Have a great season everybody!


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