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so a friend of mine and I started playing Diablo 3 a few days ago and just hit level 70. We didn't immediatley buy the expansion Reaper of Souls because we wanted to test how the game plays beforehand but bought the expansion once we found out that there is a lot of new stuff to do.

We finished the campaign without the DLC so we were able to go for the torment difficulties and now play the expansion on Torment III, everything else was far too easy, only now we start to die more often when just running in.

The problem we have at the moment: Our power levels are completely different. While Torment III has become extremely easy, apart from a few bosses, for me my friend does barely any damage most of the times. He plays a Barbarian, I play a wizard.

The thing that seems to cause this complete imbalance in terms of damage is my ring, I used that for half the time we play but only found out the power of this thing later. The ring is called "Manald Heal" and gives me an insane damage boost when proccing the the Paralysis stun with any lightning spell. Sometimes I am able to nuke even story bosses in mere seconds (using pretty much ONLY lightning spells, Lightning Blizzard, Black hole, Electrocute Cone attack and lightning Arcane Orb while all my items empower these).

So, with this in mind, what would be the best way to make my friend deal more damage? What should we look out for? He got lots of legendaries, I already gave him some of the ones I dropped and let him identify them but he never got anything as powerful as the ring (and the necklace I have, called "Squirt's Necklace") I currently have.

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Also, since we just started playing, we didn't chose "seasonal character", did we mess up here? Every single guide I read on the internet says something about "seasonal" as if we are missing out on half the game just because we didn't tick that checkbox, is that true?

I am sorry if there are lots of information missing in my questions (that I sadly don't know of) but currently I am a bit overwhelmed by all the things I find online and for most of them I don't even know if they are up to date or completely outdated.

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