Please stop suggesting them that Diablo 4 should be a Diablo 2 clone, that game is not perfect

Content of the article: "Please stop suggesting them that Diablo 4 should be a Diablo 2 clone, that game is not perfect"

English is not my first language so forgive my spelling.

I'm going to preface this by saying i've only ever played Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and, out of these two, D3 is my favorite. Of course D2 will give anyone a aesthetic boner and charm then with the cinematics and general gothic ambientation, but the game has, quite frankly, outdated mechanics, and i can understand that, the game is 2 decades old and the design philosophy was different back then, and that is exactly the reason why they should change the outdated parts.

Long story short, i was trying D2 a while ago and i picked the sorceress as my class, keep in mind that i had never played D2 before. As time goes on, i started to get bored of my ICE build, so i decided to try lighting mixed with ice, because, you know, i wanted to experiment a bit with the character. So i googled: "how to respec a character in D2", to which i found out that i need to talk to a Gypsy Lady in Tristam(i believe her name is akara), so there it goes, i respec, played a bit more, and realize i did not like it , and i was like: "Cool, i'll talk to Akara again", only to find out that i now need to finish the fucking game with a crap build because i did not read Diablo 2 wiki before playing it.

It felt like i got done dirty, i was punished for trying new things and trying to find a more fun build for me to use. The reason why i picked sorceress was because i really enjoyed how chaotic and clustered she could make the screen in D3, meteor raining , calling upon tornados and blizzards felt really good. So, once i found out that in order to have a good class in D2 i should not ,only focus on one element,( but i should also make no mistakes while discovering the game or else the punishment would be really harsh and that combination made the game feel lame, i could not try a full strenght sorceress for shits and giggles and so on.

It felt like i needed to know about the game before i even played it, i had to finish a game with a character that i wasn't liking anymore, and once i did, i closed the game and never played again, it felt that bad. It was 12 hours of my time gone in the fucking sewer never to be recovered. Futhermore, i would like to say that while i have a very flexible job and time to start a new game if this kind of system is in Diablo 4, there's people out there that don't and having to know about the game before you play it should not be a pre requisite, this is not the 2000's and they don't need to bring that kind of thing back, it does not make the game realistic or harder it makes it bad.

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So imagine for someone more casual to games, for example, your grandmother. She makes a barbarian in the recently released D4 and spends all of her hard earned skill points in the "Face-punching skill tree", turns out, she did not like it, and asked me, her beloved grandson that made her buy the game to spend more time with him: "How do i respec pumpkin?" and i respond:

"You don't bitch, finish that game first lololololololol"

How can people even praise that? These kind of things felt horrible to me, as someone who plays games since 8 years old and as diablo player, i strongly advise the developers to not fully listen to the people that want a D2 clone, acessebility is a factor in games today and it should stay like that. And for those that did not get the analogy, imagine convicing a friend to play, only for him to get pissed off with that kind of thing.

"But respec-ing at will makes the games less unique!"

It does not, if you ever played a borderlands or D3 you will know that's not true, the builds feel unique, you are choosing how many points a skill should have in borderlands and wich rune/ skill should i use for that slot in D3, and i never heard anyone saying, other than Diablo players, "this should be limited and arbitrarily complex", of course D3 was over simplified, but it was not bad, it was fun, running 5 basics skills on torment 10, having all pets all the time or summoning a clusterfuck of elemental magic. Moreover, imagine if before Respec-ing in borderlands you needed to beat 4 different bosses or finish the game in a higher difficulty, i know it's not the same game, but it would fucking suck and you know it.

So, if any devs comes across this post, give it some thought, because your game does not need to punish people for trying new builds or for having fun in their own way, for example, all you needed in borderlands is some cheap ass gold, and that should be the goal for diablo 4, since the skill system will work different from D3.

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Concluding, i do not know how D4 will work online, but if i wanted to play with my friends, i would, for certaintly pick a more "fun" build or something that we all agree with and if needed to beat the game to go back to my main build that would probaly be the last time i played online. Please make "respec" accesible, look at borderlands for an example.

I think with the point of "respec" hammered down i'll move to the second one. Potions. This is subjective, of course, but during my gameplay and from what i could watch on youtube on D2 potions were too essential, taking up an insane amount of inventory space.

I actually preffer D3 approach to potions, they occupy only one space in your inventory and they are not needed every 6 seconds, taking a bunch of potions to fight monsters does not make it feel realistic it makes your character look like a junkie.

I guess what i'm trying to say is, if potion were to be essentials as they once were, please make they go to a single slot in your inventory, if your counter argument is: "potions take inventory space in order to make the game hard or something", just remember skyrim, aside from alchemists characters and "fun" potions the fact that they took up inventory space never made the game hard or complemented the experience.

This is another subjective thing, but i do not think we need city scrolls or the magic properties scrolls,i was honestly suprised when i went back at D2 and found out there was no hotkey to return to the city and that i needed to dedicate even more space to do basic things. Now, you might want to say that invetory management is part of the difficulty of the game and i'm am just filthy casual asking for a easy game, and to that, i say that i disagree, GAMES SHOULD HAVE QoL AS A PRIORITY, on D2 having to carry those scrolls and do all that clicking to reveal properties or go back to the city always felt like an inconvenience it added nothing to the experience.

Lastly, as for itemization, i got to admit that i am on the fence about that, i actually liked both styles, both have their advantages, the thing i will agree on this sub though is that items should not have critical hit chance, that is just really powerfull, however, regardless i trust the devs on this issue.

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And with that, i think i touched every point i wanted to make, i actually have a few more problems with how the D2 fanbase gives feedbackto the devs, for example, THis LOokS CaRTooNiSH, MAke IT DarK aNd EDgy, nothing against you mate, but that just makes the diablo fanbase looks petty, and i get afraid that the devs start listening to this nonsensical feedback.

I'm just gonna give this as an example, but borderlands 3 automatically picks up legendary loot, and i'm pretty sure if D4 goes for something similar there will be people complaining because of: "friendly features in my hardcore, bloody, atmospheric gothic horror games is a no-no". I don't want it to be a clone of D3 either, but there's absolutely nothing wrong in modernizing its aspects and making it more acessible, after all, no one wants to read a wiki before even playing.

TL;DR = Diablo 4 should not be a clone of D2. QoL in games matter a lot and there's nothing wrong in playing casually or with your friends to have a good time, D4 does not need artificial difficulty to be good.

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