PoE vs PoD Review Part 2

A while ago I wrote a review of Path of Exile vs Path of Diablo from the perspective of a new player going through the game. Fair enough. Path of Exile is geared towards veteran players, and Harvest was genuinely a crap season.

I've gone through the game again in Ritual season which is a good season. Reached level 95 as a Contagion / Essence Drain. Armory here. https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/HanumanX/characters

First, related tools. In Path of Diablo, any kind of hacks or utilities are prohibited, people respect it and it's being enforced. It results in a much better player experience. In Path of Exile… you absolutely need a wide range of tools to play correctly. You need a good loot filter. I waited way too much before installing a price check script — and while needing to install such scripts, many people install trade bots, farm bots and all kind of things. You need CraftOfExile.com, Poelab.com, and need to constantly check the Path of Exile Official Wiki, as a start. You also need a cheat sheet for Betrayal missions, and for Incursions. Ideally you'd need a dual-screen to play correclty with the tools. Path of Exile always gives us only half the information we need to play. +1 for Path of Exile

Second, Path of Exile has a lot of mini-games, and they're actually pretty good! You can spend a lot of time in each of these sections… maybe too much time. I'm at level 95, delved to depth 200, doing incursions to unlock Alva decovations, upgraded Heist members all to level 4… I've spent a lot of time and it feels like I barely scratched each game. Path of Diablo? There are no such mini-games, you either level up or farm and that's it. +1 for Path of Diablo

Quality of life, it would be obviously in the advantage of Path of Exile. Extensive stash, trade website, great graphics, etc. Yet at the same time, Path of Diablo saw huge quality improvements in terms of stash and trade lately. They just added a currency stash tab which is a game-changer, and previously implemented auto-adding items for trade on the website similar to PoE. PoE still has huge stash advantages — but you need to purchase those stashes. +1 for Path of Exile

End-game loot. Ok… I'm level 95, got everything geared up pretty well, and got over 30 exalts in my stash. I set the loot filter preset to very high and still pick up rares but I sell 80% without even looking at it. I just got piles and piles of crap piling on in my stash. In particular, I got WAY too many maps piling up! Checking prices and putting them all for trade just takes too much time, yet they sell well and give good currency. Unless it's for 50+ chaos, there's no excitement in trading and it more feels like work. In Path of Diablo, every trade is rewarding, and you're excited at every ooc you find. That's really slowing down my mapping progress in PoE is that I don't know where to put all the crap anymore. In Diablo II, loots were quite low. In Path of Diablo, I think loots are fine as it's always in Player 8 drops. Also, in PoD, you're constantly consuming items to corrupt them which keeps the supply/demand balanced. In PoE… items aren't consumed, and each player can only wear 1 amulet, so who the heck is going to use the 100 talismans per day that you find?? It takes a constant pool of new players? But PoE is geared towards veteran players. Honestly… PoE could cut loots by 3-5x and it would be fine. At this point, I play for the mini-games and to explore the content, not for the loots. +2 for Path of Diablo. Next time I try Path of Exile, I definitely need to purchase the Map Stash.

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Trades. Trades in Path of Diablo are meaningful and rewarding. In Path of Exile, most people don't reply to trade requests. I often only reply when I'm in my hideout or about to go there. It feels like work. It's honestly one of the least fun part of Path of Exile. In PoD you set prices down to be competitive. In PoE you set prices a bit higher to not get bothered for small transactions. +1 for Path of Diablo

Here are the best ways I made money in Path of Exile. I made so much money trading 10 chaos for 55 fusion orbs and then trading 45 fusion for 10 chaos — not fun at all but pays a lot more than playing the game. Then, selling some of that HUGE supply of maps gives good currency. Crafting niche items can also pay a lot. You can't use those get rich quick schemes in Path of Diablo. You need to actually play the game.

Currency. In Path of Diablo, the currency supply is too limited, so the players who need your items often can't get them. In Path of Exile, the currency supply is WAY too high — which makes the game look like a stock market exchange. I think neither got this right.

Crafting. Path of Exile is known for its extensive and complicated crafting features. You can spend a LOT of time crafting instead of farming. You actually don't even use the term "farm" in Path of Exile… either you're crafting and gearing up, or you're mapping or doing mini-games. Crafting is so complicated that I lost many exalts by doing things wrong, yet at the same time, I made a lot of exalts by crafting. While the crafting capabilities are great, I think it's too much. This is the kind of thing that other games can pick up just a few ideas and implement them well. That's exactly what they did in Path of Diablo. Vaal Orbs are a weird niche thing in Path of Exile, and it got implemented in Path of Diablo in a way that is simple yet works super well. +1 for Path of Exile for the pool of ideas and possibilities, and -1 for disabling advanced attributes display by default, which are absolutely required to play.

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Skills and gearing up. I like the way it's working in Path of Diablo, except the attributes that are a bit awkward. In Path of Exile, I don't like the sockets and gems dynamics. Uniques are worth 1 to 10 chaos, and you need to invest at least 100 chaos just to give it 6 sockets. Not counting getting the right socket colors. Then, it's very difficult to try on a different armor. You'd need to invest again to get your 6-links and colors, and whenever you change one piece, you need to make sure your resists are balanced. I find it takes a LOT of time to upgrade/fix gear in Path of Exile. As for PoE passive skills tree… it's honestly best to follow a build guide and just do the tree as they suggests, or look at 2 or 3 guides and build your passive tree from there. This is just a pain. +1 for Path of Diablo

Game progression… now this gets a bit awkward. There are prophecy quests to unlock important crafting options, and by level 95, I’m barely at level 2 or 3 out of 5 of those prophecies — a LONG way to getting to the Pale Court! There are all kind of splinters, but I’m already level 92-95 before starting to use any of them. These things meant to help you farm and gear up — I don't need them by the time I get there. The laboratory machine, got enough organs to do it once. You might get to those things faster if you know exactly what you're looking for (by trading), but it's a bad progression when playing the game on your own. For a lot of content, you need to KNOW that it's there so that you can trade for those things. +1 for Path of Diablo

Multiplayer. In Path of Diablo, multiplayer games are mostly for rushing, boss killing on loop, or mapping. In Path of Exile… I'm not seeing any multiplayer games at all. I tried once a public mapping game, the buffs were piling up like crazy, people were moving super fast, with the screen covered with particles and dead monsters, my computer was super laggy and I had no clue what was going on. It wasn't a good experience, a few people do it. +1 for Path of Diablo

Balance. I said it in the first review, but Path of Diablo is quite simple and seeks to improve the quality of life and game balance at its core. Path of Exile, on the other hand, tried to constantly add more stuff without ever dealing with the fundamental game balance. There is not much concept of game balance in Path of Exile. Also… boss fights are either too easy or too hard; I got no indications as to the level of difficulty of a game section. That's one of the reasons why I waited before using splinters. +1 for Path of Diablo

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Overall, there's a lot of content in Path of Exile to keep it entertaining, but the loots and trading makes it feel like work. Honestly, it might take a fully automated trade bot to alleviate that work. Meanwhile, Path of Diablo, despite it's old graphics and being a mod on an old game, still got a lot of things right compared to modern games. Path of Diablo added widescreen option — if only it could upgrade the graphics somehow.

One last aspect I want to cover. My real work is, in a way, killing demons in the astral realms, as an energy healer and grid-worker. All of the characters in Path of Exile are real demons — and we've been under heavy physical and psychic attacks the whole year from demons beyond this Universe. The Shaper actually energetically hijacked my performance laptop and blew up the motherboard — until I disintegrated him (and bought a new laptop…) The Atlas is a realm in the higher dimensions, a maze where those entities were hiding. They actually wrap around your mind as you play, and soak you into the game and creep into your mind. These demonic forces have been invading and attacking Earth heavily in 2020, and Path of Exile was one of their 3 main backdoors to come here.

The Envoy made a series of poems that are really good to understand the psychology of those invaiding demons. Also, reading the journals of those heroes saying that "they're all lost in this hall of mirrors and I'm the only sane person left", I've seen plenty of people getting corrupted, getting lost and behaving EXACTLY like that this year. It's creepy how reality mirrors what's in the game.

Well… Path of Exile is actually a really good CATALOG of demonic forces from beyond our Universe. We could go through the list of demons and integrate/disintegrate them one by one — while blocking their main backdoor to Earth. It has been an utter battlefield around here the whole year. 2020 as a whole.

Was if creativity was in fact tuning into a frequency, and then channeling it?

Posted it on PathOfExile too


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