“PvP LLD” mini community?

Content of the article: "“PvP LLD” mini community?"

I) What is LLD Project?
LLD Project is a idea where a Starter Edition accounts fight in PvP area. Why Starter Edition accounts? For this reasons:

It's free! You can make a Starter Edition account without pay for additional D3 account.
– Itemization of low level characters items is better than high level characters items for PvP (no oneshot kills in theory)
– You can't share items or get items with a "powerful" character, you only can get items with level 13 characters.
– No paragon or level 70 items crafted to use with low level characters (this breaks the game again)

We know, HLD are unbalanced because there is a itemization than breaks damage values (in RoS is definitively, unplayable) for this reasons:
– Excesive damage done by players, low life in players compared to his damage.
– Critical Damage (500% or more)
– Set items and legendaries combined increase the damage of a skill to do BILLIONS of damage. Characters can reach MILLIONS of life (focusing his gear in vitality and defensive mods).

Brawling mode had his own moment first weeks/months in his release, but after that, this mode was be in unused. Of course, this mode can't be compared with Diablo II pvp because in Diablo II you can do teams, games of 8 players, and you can hunt players entire Sanctuary (PK in HC), but maybe, we can do something to use this mode and enjoy it.

II) Limitations of LLD Project
Starter Edition have this limitations:

– You only can play with Classic/Vanilla classes (Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Monk and Wizard)
Max level is 13 (it means 4 active skills and 1 passive skill)
– Last quest is "Reign of the Black King (Kill the Skeleton King)"
– 4 characters per account
– Shared Stash limited to 1 stash tab (enough for me)
– No jeweller (obviously), but there is enchanter, and you can reroll mods in the items and transmog items. Also, you can use Blacksmith.
– You only can play with another Starter Edition accounts

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This is a quick info, i have a PDF with all info about this "project" but i need see if is viable (we make a minicommunity and gameplay looks enjoyable)

I made a video……… 7 years ago! (now a lot of skills has changed, so i need to test new skills)

Here is the video:

Feedback, suggestions and ideas are welcome!


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