Reddit Cracks Me Up!

I like many of you am happy for D2R, It’s obvious EVERYONE will have criticisms on the remake.

Perusing through the posts people have mostly made about the new models has cracked me up. The amount of white knighting on behalf of the devs and artists is comical - and to be honest classic reddit. Lord forgive someone for not agreeing with the direction the team took. 

Personally I think both sides make good points.

Against D2R models: -Not inline with original depictions of the playable classes -Old looking

For D2R models: -Helmets cover their faces 99% of the time -Artistic freedom

Things I would like to address to the “For” crowd. The whole thought process of “you should just be happy they’re remaking the game!” If you think Activision/Blizzard is remaking the game out of the goodness of their hearts you’ve sorely missed the point. The whole arrival of “Classic”, “Remaster” etc. games is no mistake. It’s the market acknowledging the desire of a lot of us that grew up playing these games are willing to shell out a lot of money to relive those memory’s and for a fraction of the development cost that a new game would cost to make - meaning large profit margins. Addressing the “Against” a lot of you have made good points formatted respectfully for the devs to consider, and even some have taken it further into doing some really cool character art of your own. On the other hand many have offered their opinions in a format that would immediately be overlooked by a developer, effectively removing your opportunity to “get a chair at the table.” While I disagree with the majority sentiment of “you should just be happy..” At the core they are correct - be grateful our community has been deemed worthy of spending money on to revitalize a beloved game. 

People are free to have their opinions, just because you do not agree with them doesn’t mean you need to jump on in and “prove” why someone and theirs is wrong.

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I expect to get heavily down voted but it is what it is.

tried formatting my post but it seems like reddit (at least on the IPad) has removed all my proper formatting. Sorry if it looks weird

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