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Greetings, r/Diablo!

Season 21 is well underway and I have compiled several posts that are useful to new players as well as seasoned Nephalem. Whether you are looking to make your first endgame build or have decided to venture out and try a new class or build: I have played, researched, and ranked builds for different classes and compared them all against each other. Plus, I give a guide to hunting Primal gear!

Top Builds

In the links below, I discuss certain classes and which builds within them are best for Solo GRs and Speed Runs.

Demon Hunter Builds

To start things off I discuss the Class that excites me most this season! I have played a Demon Hunter pretty much since Diablo III came out. With that being said, I am so excited to have the GoD set for this class. Here are the top Demon Hunter builds for this season.


In a complete juxtaposition to my excitement for my beloved Demon Hunter, I am so entirely disappointed with the Wizard. I have played it extensively as well and it just plain needs work compared to options available in other classes.

Class Comparisons

In this section, I will be discussing classes with respect to which is the best in Season 21 overall and which class is the best for Solo play.

Class Tier Rankings

The class tier rankings for Season 21 will compare which classes are best all around. This takes into consideration Group roles, Solo GRs, Speed, and whether or not casual players can put together effective builds.

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Solo Rankings

In my Solo Rankings article, I take a look at not only which Classes are successful in Solos but which build are the very best. This was based on the leaderboards at the time the article was written and is subject to change.

Bonus Material

No matter what your purpose is this season, it will be infinitely harder to accomplish without good gear. I also have a guide on the most efficient ways to farm Ancient items. Remember, you have to be at least level 70 for a Primal to drop. However, this guide is also effective for farming legendaries.

Primal Farming

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