Season 23 Idea: Is Asheara’s Set finally viable?

Asheara's Vestments

The set consists of four pieces, all of which are required to complete it.

Asheara's Custodian (Pauldrons)
Asheara's Finders (Boots)
Asheara's Pace (Pants)
Asheara's Ward (Gloves)

Set Bonus

+100 All Resistances (2 pieces)
+20% Life (3 pieces)
Followers occasionally come to aid (4 pieces)

The latter bonus gives a small chance on hit for all three followers (two if one is already present) to teleport to the player and assist them in combat for approximately 30 seconds. This works even in multiplayer games. This effect has an internal cooldown (between 15 and 30 seconds), so in theory (and in intense combat) one can have all three of them summoned nearly all of the time. Teleported followers fully benefit from skill choices and equipment, functioning exactly as if they were actual followers of the Nephalem.

This sounds like it finally has a chance of being good, with the hardest part being finding a way to fit it into a build. You need to slot 3 parts + RoRG, and you'd probably want to combine that with a 6 piece set. A cursory look identified this working with Immortal Kings, Innas, Zunimassas and Tal Rashas 6 piece sets; but that also doesn't consider things like zDPS builds that don't use full sets.

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Maybe this set still isn't worth the gear slots it takes up, but maybe it's at least good enough to have some fun on T16s? Some thoughts on all of this:

  • This could make Unity viable in groups (75% DR with 4 rings equipped)
  • Do multiple oculus rings proc this way? Do overlapping rings stacks?
  • 2-3 extra cheat deaths can't be ignored, especially in hardcore
  • Follower skills got buffed to the point they're actually useful with 25k+ main stat
  • Obviously all the emanate stuff like Nemesis Bracers, Flavor of Time, Gloves of Worship, Homing Pads, etc…

I think it's worth looking at; perhaps getting all of that might make up for the 3 slots you devote to Asheras? At least for some build?

Hoping some of the bigger theorycrafters prod at this concept, I'd love to see it in action whether or not it has a use in meta comps.

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