Should outdated and inconvenient control mechanics be part of the games difficulty? (D2R)

I am of course talking about how in Diablo 2 you use you skills by pressing keybind + LMB/RMB and newer games in the same genre uses skills with a simple button press. I am not arguing for replacing it, if it would be implemented I would like to see it be as an option. More options is always NICE. At least in games, in my opinion.

When it has been discussed before the only argument I have heard against implementing it. Is that it would make it easier to spam different skills and therefore, be easier to play and the difficulty would be lowered. One other counter argument I could imagine is that the developing team should focus on the games release instead of new features. Which I don't agree with since the groundwork has already been done with the console UI, which uses skills with a simple keybind.

To answer my own question in the title. My own opinion is that the games difficulty should not be balanced through inconvenient gameplay mechanics. Of course there are games were the bad and inconvenient gameplay is part of the game like Getting over it or QWOP, but I don't see Diablo 2 falling in this category. I am all for the game being hard and difficult, but not through inconvenient gameplay mechanics.

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If we analyze the market for D2R I would say the main one's is Nostalgia, purist who have played game for 20 years, D3 players, PoE players and players from similar genre and people who comes from marketing. I know that people who have played D3 and PoE would like an option for skills to be used with only a button press. So if the games gets more sales and bigger player base I am all for it.

As an option I do not see how it is anyone's business how people play the game. I think that we should embrace availability. I could see the old control mechanic being more difficult for people with disabilities. For example paralyzed people that plays games with their mouth, an additional button press could make an big difference. And lets make it clear when I say people should play how they want, am I not defending botting. If you play through bots, you can go to hell.


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