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I got this conquest solo in about 57 minutes after much consternation. Part of the problem of trying to complete this conquest is there is very little information out there for those trying to complete it – all there is that is easily findable is for the monk, which is by far the fastest solo class (and this is still very little).

Ive decided to write this guide because most of what IS out there only details builds and perhaps timings. There are few if any write-ups that offer time saving tricks and strategies which leads to a lot of unnecessary trial and error for those attempting this conquest for the first time (like I was).

Gear Prides fall helm Raiment shoulders, chest, gloves Rondals neck Reapers wraps wrist Avarice band / zodiac rings Cap crimson belt pants Crudest boots Ingeom/fleshrake

Cube Burst of wrath Cindercoat Rorg Kyoshiros soul

Skills 1 sweeping wind inner storm 2 mystic ally air ally 3 epiphany insight 4 mantra of healing circular breathing 5 wave of light explosive light 6 dashing strike radiance

Passives Fleetfooted Beacon of ytar Exalted soul Chant of resonance

Templar follower with regen aura

Goal behind the build is infinite dashing strike which is by far the fastest traveling skill in the game. It shines in a couple of places that I will detail where you have enough space to go many entire screens within the span of a few seconds. As you dash, you will hit and kill things, which will lower the cooldown on epiphany and mystic ally, allowing you to regenerate your resource indefinitely. As long as youre paying attention to your skills coming off cooldown it's difficult to run out of resource with this build.

And this is where most guides stop with the bulk of their information. You can go fast infinitely so go do Sprinter! It's absolutely not that simple. Below is a list of several tips per act to help you better set your own expectations when trying to complete this conquest.

Under each section I will list a "reset after" time, meaning you should probably reset the run if you complete the act after that time. One caveat: if you are learning the campaign, I strongly advise you to just complete your first 5-10 attempts regardless of time to help you learn the tilesets and maps. This knowledge is absolutely critical and you do yourself no favors resetting after act I over and over until you get under time without practicing the other acts as well.

Act I Reset after: 16 minutes Tips: -there doesn't seem to be a pattern to the Cain tileset, which is the first maze in the game. follow long corridors until you see an indicator, generally heading in a downward direction. bottom left seemed to be fairly common for me. -after rescuing Cain and talking to him in the cathedral, tp immediately (you don't need to follow him to progress the quest) -the defiled crypt is the first rng of the game (outside of maze setups). contrary to what others say, there is no crypt you walk into that starts an event immediately that you can just leave from. you still have to go in part ways at least. if you see a large square boneyard type area you're in the wrong crypt. if you reach a teleport to start obelisk you're in the wrong crypt. the right crypt and the obelisk only crypt have similar looks/feels, can't explain this beyond after doing enough runs I kind of knew when I was in the boneyard crypt at entry. i would advise a reset any attempt that you guess wrong on the first two crypts, since that would cost you anywhere from 1:20 – 2:00 on average. -after you give the crown to haedrig, waypoint back to leorics passage and stand by the ornate door. you don't need to wait in town or talk to haedrig after he stops hammering to progress. -cathedral 2 exit is similar to Cain tileset – find and follow long corridors until you see an indicator on the minimap. -cathedral 4 (locating the crypt) is a deviation from what has been seen so far in that the exit is usually in an offshooting path towards the center of the map, typically originating from the west heading east or the north heading south. these will only appear as narrow hallways on the minimap of little usual interest. occasionally the crypt exit can also spawn in a top of map position as well. taking a long time to find the crypt is common and usually necessitates a reset. -after rescuing tyrael, start the conversation with him and zip to the waypoint (don't need to stay and skip conversation). -the khazra den is the only cave with a blue light and can be maddening to locate. it can literally be hidden in a small part of shroud that was encircled during searching and the map is relatively huge. best advice is start looking towards the left and sort of zigzag your way up, then move to the right side if you still haven't found it. -maghda can glitch in her first encounter and stop spawning cultists. reset if this happens. -warriors rest and ancient path (or whatever it's called) are usually close to each other, but every now and then one can spawn way up north. After getting both orbs waypoint back to the drowned temple and save some travel time. -araneae is very irritating, the path to her lair is always long and upward AND PRECEDED BY a sort of winding path to the left or right (instead of just short transition to other spider "nest" areas or dead ends). look for this winding path and go north as soon as you are through it, because you are close. -check the right side of the map first for the khazra staff, you get a little break on this one because the indicator shows up a little further than usual. -halls 1 follow long corridors and look for giant cleavers slashing down, when you see the cleavers you are close. -halls 2 is always up and to the right. -the butcher is always a long path headed up, but sometimes this path is far away from the entry and other times it is very close. follow long corridors. Act II reset after: 14 minutes, or total time exceeding 30 minutes -hidden conclave is always on the left side of the map, secret altar USUALLY on the right side but can be at the top as well occasionally. after clearing hidden conclave go to the top of the area and move right until you hit the wall, then down. -moving to khasim is one of the instances where dashing strike really gets to shine, you can pass over most of the terrain blockages. move to the top left until you see wooden stairs and then move into the city and continue. -after khasim the path to alcarnus is always a narrow path in the bottom right, winding around to go into alcarnus proper to the right, up a staircase, and then back to the left to maghda. -the game can glitch after the first emperor encounter, not allowing the four pylons to be destroyed. reset. -unfortunately I have nothing to offer to help find the wretched pit, dahlgur, or the forgotten ruins. even on my successful run I was going completely blind and hoping. long paths are irrelevant in the sewers as they can lead to dead ends just the same. dahlgur is also an enormous map and I always have to kind of just stumble on the ruins. I'm sure there are set spawn points but I don't know what they are.
-in the ruins kulles body can also be on the edges or on an inward leading path. these tilesets are maddening as well because the narrow paths leading either to the goal or deeper into the map can look like dead ends to someone dashing through and cause you to explore a lot of dead area. Look closely is all I can tell you. -dahlgur exit (with kulle) is always top left. -similar to before I have no tips for western or eastern flow control, other than the western (first) maze gives you a minimap indicator from a decent way out, and the eastern maze gives you zero indicator even when you're standing in front of the exit. -the crucible is always on a path leading upward. go up until you can't, then find another way to keep going up until you can't. -cave of the betrayer and vault of the assassin are absolutely my achilles heel. they are very similar to khazra den on the map (can be tiny and hidden by a tiny amount of shroud) and there are TWO of them. worse, the interior and goal items of each are very similar to forgotten ruins (narrow paths that look like dead ends at first glance; random goal item placement). -somewhat mercifully the storm halls and unknown depths DO have an indicator when you're heading in the right direction: long, segmented pathways. go straight when you find the second one to find the goal item. -the shadow vault is unfortunately just like vault of the assassin and forgotten ruins, but fortunately it's the last one of these. -the fastest way to do the refugees is to go over every single circle and move every single cart. matter of fact it's the only way I know of. Act III Reset after: 10 minutes, or 40 minutes total time -the good news for act III is a lot of the maps are exactly the same every single game. the entire sequence leading up to the keep is consistent every game, so just practice. -the keep is the only real maze of act III. for keep 1, follow paths until you see kind of a lava room with long platforms jutting into it and around it (not a big open square). for keep 2, you're looking for an outside snowy area, but there are several areas that fit this description that isn't the exit. these do seem to indicate the correct path, so if you see them, keep moving in the same general direction until you see a busted out portion of the keep leading to the larder. -ghom is always on a long upward path similar to the butcher in act I. -the korsikk/catapult/rhakkis sequence is always laid out the same, with small variations in catapult placement (trebuchet always generally in the same spot). rhakkis is another dash monk showcase – zoom right past everything to siegebreaker. -core 1 is usually up and to the right, however you need to pay attention to paths splitting off to the left and then resuming an up-rightward territory. cydaea speaking while you're pathing is an indicator you're heading in the right direction and getting close. -the ring maps are fairly consistent: if you start on the outside, get to the inner ring and look for a pathway heading into the central structure/exit. if you start on the inside, get to the outside and look for an exit around the outside. -after destroying the heart, proceed directly to the exit so you can go through as soon as it's accessible. -repeat the above strategies for cydaea 2. after cydaea is dead, you are granted an indicator straight to azmodan in the subsequent area. Act IV Reset after: 6 minutes, or 46 minutes total time -Act 4 is really short and linear. library of fate is always far left. -the only rng in act 4 is finding the hell rifts, just keep killing the black stuff till you find them. -when looking for izual and diablo, look for long paths and stay straight on them (open central areas are bad -stay on the edges) -make sure you end diablo phase 2 before he spawns a shadow clone. Act V Reset after: 14 minutes, or 60 minutes total time -gideon's row can be tough to locate, but you do get a generous indicator. be sure to follow paths that do not arch back into areas you've already traveled. -in the cemetery, go stay on the edge in the first area until you find an offshooting transitional path to another area, the go to the other side of the area to look for the exit. -after the second soul crucible is dead and you talk to Miriam, the game doesn't clearly indicate the next step, which is tyrael in the north of survivors enclave. -tower of korelan/urzael is similar to gideon's row in that its a large map with many winding paths, with a moderate indictor. stay on new paths (don't arch back into already discovered areas) -it is MUCH faster to locate all of the nephelem guidestones and eliminate the wrong passages then it is to guess. look for little circles on your minimap. – the siege runes in battlefields of eternity are the last large map, but it is HUGE and you have to stumble across what you're looking for (timeless prison and endless battle). the timeless prison is usually in the middle of the map somewhere and the endless battle is on the edge, but it can be the edge on either the right or the left side of this enormous map. good luck. -make sure you knock the hooks off the ram. -in pandemonium 1, make sure you talk to the dude on the left to make the death gates spawn. the exit is hard to find and pandemonium 1 is full of side quests and events, if you trigger one you're in the wrong area. stay on new paths. -pandemonium 2 will give you death gates after you kill the champ mob. follow them to get to pandemonium 3.

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other tips: spacebar skips text boxes AND the little speech bubbles. mash your spacebar anytime you're around an NPC out of habit. if you start tilting take a break. dash monk can get "stuck" a lot. learn to walk a bit to point yourself in the right direction before resuming dashing. the fastest time I've ever seen solo is 51 minutes, so you can make up time. the fastest act 1 I've seen is 14 minutes, act 2 12, act 3 9, act 4 4, act 5 12. complete your early runs until you memorize the game. i hadn't played the campaign in years until last week and I wrote the entire thing from memory.

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