Some suggestions on unique items that I think might be fun to implement

Content of the article: "Some suggestions on unique items that I think might be fun to implement"

Most of the suggestions are focused around "cool mechanics" rather than bringing more skills to top tier builds, so apologies upfront if some seem broken or underwhelming:


  • Dark Mage’s ShadeDiamond Skin gets the effect of every rune and is cast automatically when you fall below 70% (35% before). This effect can once every 15-20. (My idea here is that no one would wait to get to 35% health to get a shield before using a potion, especially HC players.)
  • Mirror Ball – Magic Missile fires 1–2 extra missiles. Receives an extra random rune effect and 200% damage for each active Mirror Image (Mirror ball – Mirror image… mirror, mirror on the wall)
  • Mikken’s Ball of Hate – Electrocute can chain to enemies that have already been hit and if Storm armor is active every third hit deals 50% more damage for each electrocuted enemy.
  • Velvet Camaral – Double the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to and each consecutive jump deals 60% more damage.
  • Halo of Arlyse: Ice Armor now reduces damage from melee attacks by 50–60% and automatically casts Frost Nova whenever the Wizard takes 10% of maximum Life in damage. Frost nova receives the Bone Chill rune. (Compared to Halo of Karini, Arlyse underperforms, so this might make it more competitive.)
  • Fragment of Destiny: Spectral Blades get the effect of every rune, the spell is cast 50% faster and deals 250-300% (Up from 150-200%) increased damage – (All runes of Spectral Blades are quite good and combined, it can become a decent single target skill.)
  • Wand of Woh – Explosive blast receives the effect of Unleashed rune, increases damage by 300-400% and each cast releases not one, but four Explosive Blasts.
  • Orb of Infinite Depth – Explosive blast receives the effect of Chain reaction Runes and each damaging cast increases damage done by 8-10% and reduces damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Light of Grace – Ray of Frost not pierces. Mirror Images now deal your full damage while channeling Ray of Frost.
  • Archmage's Vikalyke – Mirror Image gets the effect of every rune and each Mirror Image has a chance to spawn two more Images when destroyed by enemy attacks.
  • Jang's Envelopment – When cast under a Slow Time bubble, Black hole receives the effect of every rune and all effects lasts twice as long (including pull effect) .
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  • All effects lasts twice as long (including pull effect) and after it finishes casts a Slow Time bubble at the same place.
  • Moonlight Ward – Energy armor receives the effect of every rune and while active, you gain the Power Hungry and Audacity passives. Now drops with 25-30% Arcane damage boost.
  • Wyrdward – Lightning damage has a 25–35% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds. Wizards receive the Paralysis passive with the same percentage chance.
  • Winter Flurry – Blizzard casts now stack damage up to 5 times and receives the effect of Unrelenting storm rune.


  • Arcstone – Fist of the Heavens gains the Fissure rune and every fissure pulses between all wearers of this item. Enemies hit by Fissure have 20-30% chance to get struck by Fist of the Heavens.
  • Armor of the King Reagent – You gain the effect of all Laws when activated. The equipped Law receives the effect of every rune.
  • Blessed of Haull – Each successful hit of Justice also summons a free Blessed Hammer at the same location. Blessed hammer receives the Brute Force rune, chance to explode becomes 100% and area of effect is increased by 100%.
  • Faithful Memory/Cam's Rebuttal – combined into 1 legendary: Falling sword can be cast a second time for free within 4 seconds. Each enemy hit increases the damage of Blessed Hammer and Phalanx by 60-80%. Stacks 10 times and lasts 10 seconds.
  • Eternal Union – Duration of Phalanx is increased by 200% and while Phalanx is active Falling sword has no cooldown. Avatars perform Falling sword with you. (Costs wrath for each Falling sword cast by the Phalanx also).
  • Angel Hair Braid – Punish gets the effect of every rune and each second attack fires a Shield Cross.
  • Piro Marella – Shield Bash wrath cost reduced by 60-70% (up from 40-50%) and gains the effect of Pound rune.
  • Drakon's Lesson – Damage increases by 300-400%, and each hit against 3 or less enemies is a guaranteed critical hit. (Shield cross should count only the front, in my opinion)
  • Flail of the Ascended – Shield Glare deals damage equal to up to 5 last Shield Bash casts to each affected enemy. The two closest avatars to you cast Shield Bash and Shield Glare when you do.
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  • Arreat's Law – Weapon throw generates 20-25 more Fury per hit. At 100% Fury your first Fury spending attack refunds 100% of its cost. (Internal cooldown of 3 seconds and can drop with + Max Fury as secondary)
  • The 300th spear – Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear deals 200% more damage. While you are under 90% Fury both gain 50% attack speed. (Can drop with + Max Fury as secondary)
  • Skular's Salvation – increases damage of Ancient spear (before only for Boulder Toss) rune by 100%, and by further 120-150% if it hits 5 enemies or less. Ancients now cast Ancient spear when you do.
  • Kotuur's Brace – Your Fury spending attacks have 30% chance to summon an Ancient (Old Remorseless legendary power, but now benefits from all equipped runes of Call of the Ancients and cannot have more than 3) (My idea is here to negate the 120 seconds cooldown for LoD builds and maybe Might of the Earth, which uses Fury of the Ancients in some variations).

Witch Doctor

  • Band of Hollow Whispers – This ring occasionally haunts nearby enemies. (Now benefits from Haunt runes, if equipped by Witch Doctor).

All classes:

  • Stone of Jordan – Elemental damage increased from 15-20% to 20-30% and +max resource stat is doubled. (The idea is SoJ to become a suitable ring for builds that might use 2 elements or skills that benefit from bigger resource pools – Star Pact, Seismic Slam-Rumble, Boulder Toss, Singularity Mages, Unhallowed Essence set).
  • Shi Mizu Haori – You receive 25% Critical hit chance when you reach 0 resource and 25% Critical hit chance when you reach 100% resource (each stack lasts 5 seconds). Numbers can vary, but the idea is the current Shi Mizu Haori is almost unusable (except by wudijo) and it’s a nightmare if you are a HC player. Also there are only 2 viable Armors for LoD builds – Aquila and Cindercoat (for non Necro classes)
  • Pauldrons of the Skeleton King – You receive the Awareness/Unstable Anomaly/Near Death Experience/ Final service/Nerves of Steel/Indestructible/ Spirit Vessel Passive. (For a lot of LoD builds PotSK is the "best in slot", because there are not many alternatives , but the 25% chance to happen is really unreliable, especially for HC players. This way at least it opens a passive skill slot.)
  • Tyrael's Might – You can socket an up to lvl 25 legendary gem in it. (Always drops with only 1 socket)
  • Overwhelming desire – Chance on hit to charm the enemy. While charmed and 10 seconds after, the enemy takes 35% more damage. (Now works with all charm effects – Skull of Resonance, Enchantress' charm, etc.)
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I've been literally losing sleep from excitement by some of these, so feedback would really be appreciated 🙂

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