[SP Plugy] Frenzy barb gear advice

Hi all, I'd like some suggestions on how I can get my Frenzy barb to be a bit more survivable. Currently level 76 in Act 2 hell. Here's the gear I'm currently wearing:

Oath eth champion sword / Flamebellow Steelskull Treachery boneweave Drac's IK belt IK boots Eye of Etlich ravenfrost / rare ring w/ LL + AR + MF Gheeds / a combat skills GC / some resist SCs 

Might merc:

Eth Bonehew w/ 2x Amn Eth Crown of Thieves Griswold's armor (nothing socketed right now) 

The main issue is that I get killed pretty quick if Life Tap doesn't proc quickly when I'm attacking a dangerous pack. I have 25% LL even without it, but there's plenty of mobs that doesn't work on, and even if it does, sometimes its just not enough to make up for all the incoming damage.

I have better luck with Fade procs, since it lasts for so long, but my resists are -5 to 25 without it, so I have to make sure that it's proced all the time. I gather my defense is pretty low, at ~1600, so I imagine that's part of the problem. I also have zero FCR, so war cry can't always be relied on when I'm really surrounded. These swords also require lots of STR and DEX so my life is pretty low.

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I'd love any general advice for gear I should be looking for / runewords I might make. I also have a couple specific questions: should I swap out some of the LL gear and just rely on Life Tap? Should I forget about life tap and focus on actual LL? Should I ditch treachery and try to get actual resistances?

Here's some other gear I have that might be useful:

2 x Bloodmoon 2 x Rune Master (tried em, the damage wasn't as good as this Oath) Azurewrath (not at the level requirement) Oath PB (not a good base for that, but oh well) Kira's Andy's IK gloves Nosferatu's Plenty of mid runes + 1 mal + 2 ist + 1 sur Lots of socketed stuff Lots of normal/exceptional uniques and sets 

Thanks in advance!

TLDR: Frenzy barb dies a lot, especially when life tap from Drac's doesn't proc. What gear to use?

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