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I'm not a modder (though I am a game dev – designer) but I have some ideas for D2 mods. Please note that numbers and even stats are just to give a general idea, and are not suggested as are.

  1. Witchcraft materials.

    1. As a socket item – Could be items like eyes, fingers, nails, wings etc. These items will be giving both buffs and debuffs to your item. The buff potential should be higher than normal socket items. Perhaps some debuffs could be buffs in someone's eyes. For example -> Crooked Bunny Leg – on shield – reduces chance to block by 10%, 10% enhanced defense. (many people don't equip shields because of blocking stun, so this could mitigate that.)
      Vampire Fang – 10% life steal, health drain – 5.
    2. As a recipe to curse common items. (explained next) They will be unidentified but will become of higher rarity.
    3. Should be used in a cauldron that you retrieve from the witch's corpse in Tristram. You can brew elixirs that buffs and debuffs your character indefinitely or until another elixir is drunk. For example – Autumn effect elixir. (Brown Dry Leaf + Fairy Ripped Wings) 30% Increase cold resist. +3 to wind skills. -10 to fire skills. -50% fire resist.
  2. Cursed items. To commemorate those mystical items from D1.

    1. They have added deep purple outline to their names, and come in all rarities except common. They have debuffs and slightly stronger than usual buffs.
    2. They cannot be identified except by equipping them to your character. (All their requirements including level do appear though).
    3. Once equipped while not identified they get immediately identified, and they cannot be removed, unless you perform a cleansing ritual successfully outside of town with a crafted witchcraft item.
    4. The ritual starts with summoning a monster and some minions as well (just like a monster shrine) with somewhat of a similar theme, level and stats of the cursed permanent items equipped and the witchcraft item (for instance, a cursed item that gives +20-30 to fire damage will make the monster fire immune), similar to the way iron golems work. That would make fighting the monster extra hard since the item probably won't help you against the monster, in addition to it's already existing debuffs on the item. (so there is more challenge.)
    5. Once the monster is killed (you don't have to kill all the minions) while you wear those cursed items, the ritual is complete. You may remove the cursed items, and they are cleansed forever, meaning you may equip and unequip them freely, but the debuff on the item stays.
    6. You may equip many cursed items, meaning the ritual will summon more monsters (and minions) for you to fight against, per item, and (only) defeating them all, will cleanse all the cursed items.
    7. Chance to drop magic items in every ritual is determined by the monsters' level and amount of equipped cursed items.
    8. Getting into town or checkpoint while performing a cleansing ritual, will cancel it, wasting the materials used to craft it.
    9. I think summoning monsters should be restricted to some maps and dungeons, since there could be maps with abuse.

I wish I had the time to make this. This is just theory crafting for me. Tell me what you think.

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