Summoner Location in Arcane Sanctuary – Has there been evidence of a tell?

Hi All,

Like many of you, I'm very excited for D2R. Been playing for 20 years, own 5 copies, and have even played in both English and French (in a failed attempt to learn French :P). HOTO is called Cicatrice en Francais?

One thing that has driven me crazy since my childhood was figuring out the Summoner's location in the Arcane Sanctuary with some sort of reliable tell. I even had napkins keeping track of data with Summoner's location lol.

What triggered this to begin with was when I noticed that the paintings on the walls in the Halls of Vaught could reliably signify exactly where Nihlathak was located without having to travel toward the wrong path. This is now well documented (The 'Eye Panel'), but many people still do not know about it.

There are numerous other established patterns that speedrunners like MrLlamaSc use and speak about: Underground Passage, Countess, Outer Cloister, Catacombs, Durance of Hate 2, and so forth.

Even to this day, I am still learning new things about this game like the 65536 super chest patterns (Thanks DBrunski) for high runes in Lower Travincal.

Even 20 years later, new things are being discovered in this game like the Baal wave skip.

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Last night, I was on RyuQuezacolt's channel who is another D2 speedrunner with a dedicated D2 map playlist.

When asked about the Arcane Sanctuary, he mentioned that someone by the name of 'Sroy' had done some work with the DLL files and did some work with map generation and function calls. Apparently, there was a correlation with the way Act 3 was setup in relation to the Summoner location within the Arcane Sanctuary. No one knew or could recall any details beyond that.

Given the excitement of D2R and the baseline love for D2 as is, I want to find Sroy and solve this problem for the entire community. Just given everything we've seen, there has to be some sort of pattern. If anyone out there knows Sroy or what he has found, I would be very grateful. I'd love to help or fund his research. Many thanks in advance.

TLDR: Anyone know of Sroy and the work he did on Summoner location in Arcane Sanctuary?

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