Synergy system was bad and If there are balance change comes to D2R, we should see Synergy 2.0

While the intent behind synergy system was noble, it ruined a lot of aspects of the game

  • it kills skills with bad synergies

  • it kills skills with too many synergies

  • it kills skills with too low synergies

  • it greatly weakened the concept of Hybrid build

  • it killed most of charges skills

  • it killed most of Oskill

  • it killed most of Trigger skills

  • it greatly weakened build diversity


The current synergy system is bad, By “bad” I mean the damage only aspect of synergy system. By being damage only it make it so skills that get low total %damage synergy or decent total damage synergy but with too many synergy are doomed, they can never be good or take too much investment to even be decent.

Also the way synergy system got implemented was bad because it mostly add synergies on the same branch of the tree, so if you make a fireball sorc, your synergies are also fire which sucks in terms of tactics against immunes. So if you want to be hybrid it will most likely suck/be impossible because you would need 2 skills with few synergies and high total damage% from sysnergies

The way they added synergy system also killed item granted skills… those skills were already balanced by being low level in a mindset of not requiring synergies, but since they added synergies they have been kept at the same low level and cannot benefit from synergies on other classes.


A better approach to Synergies would have been skill effects based on general skill type rather than Class and damage restricted

  • projectile
  • melee
  • cold
  • fire
  • magic
  • physical
  • lightning
  • poison
  • area
  • buff
  • summon

Here’s a quick display(fine tuning required) of what it would look like based on what i started to do for a Mod i wanted to make before Blizzard cut mod support

Here is what it could look like



Then the synergy bonus from each skills is special perks proper those skills

Ie: magic arrow’s synergy bonus:

  • Gain 1 additional projectile per 10 projectile skill hard point

  • Gain 5%attack rating per attack skill hardpoint

  • gain 5% magic damage per Magic skill hard point

That way a sorc/pally/barb/necro/assassin using a bow could invest in their projectile/attack/magic skill to get that bonus on Witchwild String

Other example of what could be done with such system , take Vengeance

Ie: Vengeance’s synergy bonus

  • gain 5% fire damage & 1% chance to cast firestorm(same level as vengeance capped at 20) when striking per fire skill hard point

  • gain 5% cold damage & 1% chance to cast Glacial spike on striking per cold skill hard point

  • gain 5% lightning damage & 1% chance to cast shock web on striking per lightning skill hard point

  • gain 5% attack rating per Attack skill hard point

This system also makes it less reliant on “same type skills”. Ie: fireball being synergized by fire bolt which are both pretty much the same skill. But with this system you could buff your fireball through aoe,projectile and fire skill … allowing you to synergize fireball with a plethora of choices that aren’t just a projectile fire spell like it

TLDR: by changing specific synergy skills to more general type synergies you

  • revive ctc

  • give some love to cross class oskill

  • improve viability of builds that use more than 1 tree type

  • give a lot of flexibility in your choice of synergy

  • allows you to customize your skills

  • Allows synergies to be usable skills as well


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