The Best And Worst Builds for Party-Play!

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Those of us playing on Battle.net (and there are more recently!) know the joys of playing cooperatively. But online guides give builds meant to optimize solo runs. So there are a lot of people who make bad equipment/strategy/mercenary choices, hold the party back from its full potential, or just make things unpleasant for everyone else.

For that reason here is a build of each class that is fun to play with, and then a bunch of builds that are decidedly NOT fun to play with. I also suggest changes to improve your setup.

Let me know what you think!


  • Warcry/Find Item Barbarian- Level 35+ Battle Orders. Epic loot. Flexibility to use any mercenary/weapon combo. What's not to love? Consider using an Act 1 Harmony mercenary, because no one else uses those.
  • Tesladin Paladin- Runs a high-level Conviction. Tanks everything. Uses an Act 1 mercenary with Faith. This character never needs to teleport, so he's easy to stay close to. In a party, focus on your tanking ability because other casters will do most of the killing.
  • Bear Sorceress- Definitely not tele-spamming. Can cast a huge Enchant on the entire party. Puts Infinity on a Defiance mercenary. Use Fire skillers to boost your enchant, because you don't need more lightning damage anyway. If you've never played this one, definitely try it.
  • Any Necromancer- All necro builds are great! Try to figure out what curse is best for the party, not just you. Also don't crash the game with too many revives. Be willing to swap mercenaries depending on what the group is lacking.
  • Rift Assassin- I just like how this looks.
  • Javazon Amazon (Maybe)- Can be helpful if the party is struggling. Carries Infinity and a second mercenary aura, which can be chosen to fit the party. Two don'ts: redemption auras, and killing bosses when you have no Magic Find.
  • Summoner Druid- As long as you have an Oak Sage, no one will complain. But wolves are great, as is the bear. Shapeshifting druids can be fun too. You can be very flexible with your auras.
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  • Leaplock/Howl Barbarian- Seriously, have you ever tried to hit something that is being leaplocked backwards? It's awful and slows things down considerably. If that's the best you can do, maybe you should just watch.
  • Hammerdin Paladin- Will definitely spam teleport. Rarely uses a mercenary. Concentration is a fine aura, but you'll never be close enough to use it- he's already teleporting away to the next group of enemies. Oh, look- he just killed Andariel!
  • Blizzard Sorceress- I hope your party all has Enigma! And I also hope no one needs corpses, because you won't leave any. AND she doesn't carry Infinity! If you have to play one of these, please switch from the Holy Freeze mercenary. Maybe that way you'll leave a corpse or two.
  • Windy Druid- You're just shattering too many enemies. These are fine to use if you let your summoners use some corpses first. Also, try to fight on the flanks of your party- just don't run immediately behind your tanks and shatter everything.
  • Death Sentry Assassin- I know you can kill faster with Death Sentry. But that doesn't mean the *party* moves faster, or gets more drops. Just switch to Lightning Sentry for this game.
  • Necromancer- There are very few ways to screw this up. Maybe if you spammed a weak corpse explosion, or overwrote everyone else's curses?
  • Javazon Amazon (Maybe) – Don't be a the person who 1-shots bosses while carrying no Magic Find. Also, if you have Redemption on, you're my enemy.
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