The big problem with automatic bans/restrictions. Blizzard, notice us.

Hello, please read this entire post, because this is something blizzard should address, thank you and sorry for the long post.

So I bought the game last week since I wanted to play on Battle.net, installed and tried to hop into multiplayer. On any region I tried to connect to, my game always got stuck on "Checking versions". So normally, I snooped around on the forums and found a lot of threads with the similar problem. On one of the more recent ones there are 120 replies from people complaining about the same issue. 120 complaints on a single thread from the last month!!

In that entire thread, I found only 2 replies from the mods, both of which were something along the lines of "Hmm, yes, you are banned, sorry." The thread continues with people asking why, for how long and other people chiming in to share that they have the same problem.

It's all good, I thought. They can't help with everyone's issue in a thread, I'll write a support ticket. I reviewed all the reasons for a restriction and none of them applied. Regardless, I wrote an extensive support ticket, including all the detailed information someone would need, attached traceroute, dxdiag, msinfo documents, screenshots, everything. I mentioned that I've already reviewed the possible reasons for a restriction and that none of them apply. I asked two questions. If I was actually restricted even though I checked through all of the reasons, why was I restricted? And when will it be lifted?

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What I recieved from the support for my long, detailed post was an automated reply that said "You've been restricted for 14 days, here are the possible reasons…" and continued listing the reasons I said I already checked.

14 days? A 14 days restriction for a game that I haven't played, hell, a game that I havent even be able to get past the main menu of? For no apparent reason? This is downright the worst I've been treated after purchasing a game, they couldn't even bless my ass with a reply from an actual person working at support. And this isn't just a problem on my side, this is a widespread issue, and clearly something is going wrong.

Guys please, if you're experiencing the same problem, be more vocal about it. This is an issue and it's an issue that a lot of people are experiencing and blizzard should recognise this. Even if you don't experience the problem yourself, help us bring attention to this, upvote this post and any similar ones, reply to them, we should keep the company responsible for not acknowledging this issue and ignoring its customers.

As for my own situation, I've replied to the support ticket, inquiring for an actual support person's help but haven't recieved a reply yet. Judging by everything I saw so far though, I have no hopes of any help from blizzard and whenever this restriction gets lifted, I'll likely get restricted again after trying to connect, leading to an endless cycle of 14 day bans and I probably won't be able to play the game I bought. I'm thinking of asking for a refund, but I don't think there's a chance of me getting it.

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We need blizzard's attention to this, clearly something is wrong with the system they've incorporated and it needs fixing. Otherwise "players" like me won't be able to enjoy their product. Thank you for the attention and once again, sorry for the long post ♥️.

TL;DR: Can't connect, Blizzard says "You're banned for no reason", support isn't helpful, A LOT of people have same problem, we need to get Blizzard's attention.


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