The Diablo 1 community and my original discovery

I've played Diablo 2 and 3 for many years, but only completed Diablo 1 a few times since it came out back then. I played it last year once more and found an original bug that wasn't documented, and this post is to call out the people who bullied me for just discovering something new in a game. By finding this, I was ridiculed, harassed and bullied by these people, and it's disgusting:

On July 11th 2020 I was playing Diablo 1, and while I've played the other games much more often, I still wanted to learn more about the original. I came across a bug that lets you get all three of the catacomb dungeon quests in one go (something that should be impossible). I didn't know any Diablo community at all, so I just went to the first Discord I could find to ask people (and boy did I pick a bad one, unlucky I guess). I consider myself polite in real life and on the Internet, and all I asked when I first went in is that I believe I found something rare that I didn't see in any guide or wiki. The FIRST thing that came out of the moderators mouth (Qndel), was "it's impossible", "you're lying" and "what, you made this up to make you feel better"? Yeah, real classy. Then his friend Ghastmaster private messaged me, saying not to take it too personal, like I shouldn't be offended by those remarks. After I told Ghast that I wasn't sticking around after that and I'll just ask somewhere else, he posted my entire thing on Discord, telling people to join in to make fun of me. Wonderful.

Because I always want to do my due diligence, I double, triple and quadruple checked every single Diablo site, wiki, guide, everything. I spent quite a few hours checking everything out, because (unlike these people), I didn't want to take someone elses credit. Sure enough, while it could still be possible I wasn't the first to experience this, I was for sure the first player to document this rare bug in the game, in single player. Not even Jarulf's guide, Bolty's bug list, nothing has this in it.

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I posted this on Reddit and got a lot of praise and folks that were interested. Qndel and his group decided to follow me there and make fun of me, and sure enough, whether he knew the mods or not, they got rid of it. Other people couldn't believe this, and over a dozen others tried to report this mod Menagese who deleted and closed it, along with Qndel and his group. Absolutely disgusting they tried to threaten me on there. Funny how they said that they didn't believe me, yet they followed me there to make a big stink.

Sometime later I found out that Nitekat decided to try and take credit for my discovery, by making a video on July 15th 2020 with the exact same bug process. While I don't know programming myself, there is no question in my mind he would have never made this if it wasn't for my discovery (a 20 year old bug, and he JUST makes it 4 days after I uploaded my original evidence? Yeah, sure). This wouldn't matter but he also is Qndel's friend who decided to make fun of me instead of being a grown up, on top of not giving me credit (even going as far to say on the Discord and Github it's his findings, what a jack***). Once again, I may not understand all the programming of these games, but I know he did this on purpose, but he isn't getting away with it. In my original topic he made fun of me and told me not to use ad hominem attacks. Hey, how about not trying to steal another persons credit? For starters? Or just being a civil human being?

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I wanted to post this because it makes me sick to my stomach that a community who is supposedly open to new players of the franchise (and people like Nitekat and Qndel, who actually work on popular mods for this game), are some of the most ruthless, nastiest, and mean spirited people I've ever encountered in the years I've been online. It's one thing to put me down if you don't like me, but to try and take credit for something you DID NOT DISCOVER is fu***** abhorrent, and you people should be ashamed of yourselves. I never call people out in any video game or place, but you aren't going to do this to someone (as I see you've done repeatedly to another popular mod creator, Mordor) and someone has to stand up against it.

Ghastmaster – For just being an overall nasty human being; seeing someone ask for help on Discord, then immediately after turn around and bully them.

Qndel – For having this sick jealously issue (whether it's from an average person like me finding a new thing and they didn't, I don't know), and telling his groupies to make fun of me

Nitekat – For actively trying to take credit that isn't there's, on top of belittling me. What's funny is before I left that Discord way back then, I'll never forget something that one of their friends said. It was something along the lines of "Wow…. if that bug really is real, whoever put this person down should feel double sorry they treated them this way".

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I won't post again because it's not fair to normal users on here, but this had to be said at least once. I've also saved all my findings and nobody is taking it away from me.


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