The Great Reddit Gear Swap!

Good Morning/Afternoon,

First off, yet again I want to thank everyone for making the first ever Reddit Gear Swap a success. Hats off to everyone that participated and wasn’t a jerk, I’m sure there were a couple but they were by far the minority. I was AFK for most of it, so did not watch what everyone was doing. However, the overwhelming majority of people were beyond honorable. As I had mentioned, if this was a success, I wanted to look into making this a regular event. And well, you all made it a massive success.

With that said, I am now looking at making it either a bi-weekly or a weekly event. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this. Yes, I will take the time to read through the comments to collect feedback.

Ultimate goal is to make this as big as possible without it becoming a job. I want to keep this fun for me and anyone else involved. With that, I may look for volunteers to help in various aspects. There will be more to come based on the demand and community reception of this project. My goal if I can make possible, will be to host events that can reach all time zones and regions.

For now, we are still in the testing stage of things. The first event was in the morning for EST. So the next event, I will be planning for the evening of EST. I want to see how this works at different times and eventually regions.

My concern is for consoles, I have not looked into how consoles can interact with PC’s. I don’t want to leave them out. So I may branch this out to them as well or find another solution. This will be looked into for further events. If you are on a console, please hang in or get with buddies on PC to join onto them so that you can partake for now.

If this gets bigger, I may startup a discord server so that we can have a group of rotating hosts coordinate so that one person isn’t just stuck with having to do this all the time. People have lives and I do not want to force anyone to commit to something that will take away from their ability to live a life. If you have an interest in hosting a game, please let me know.

I will be reaching out to the mods of this reddit in order to have a pinned thread in which updates can be posted. This will definitely make it easier to provide updates on if the game is live or the host has left, along with “Going live in XX minutes” or “will be closing in XX minutes”.

I will definitely commit to a recurring game name//password so that we have consistency. Something easy enough that no one will need to “copy&paste” while also not something a random not in reddit will just guess. I will absolutely encourage having your friends join on you that may not be in reddit, but please encourage them to join the reddit as well. This is something by our community and for our community. We use a password to avoid random people joining in and not abiding by the honor system.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for. This weekends gear swap will be on Saturday and held during the evening (EST). I will update by Thursday what specific times I will host the game through. This will be done through an announcement post. There will be a follow up post on the day of announcing it has gone live.

Thank you all for making this possible. Would love to hear thoughts and feedback. No I am not expecting anything out of this, I grabbed maybe 4 items total through the whole event. There definitely are things I would hope for but I will never ask or expect anyone “donate” to me for this. It has been great to see people gear out a toon as well as one person specifically that posted a massive thank you/success that you all made possible.

Love you and have a great night!



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