The most important thing about resurrected for me – modding

WOW am I excited.

The most make it or break it for me to jump on this remaster is the modding though. Personally, I love vanilla, I haven’t found a better way to change the core experience, BUT

I made an unreleased mod that’s sort of an Uber Hardcore version. I might finish it and release it for this remaster, but the light touches I made make d2 something that I think the original devs would have really wanted, and I won’t enjoy the game the same way if I can’t bring these changes to the remaster.

Some changes I made include:

  • Removing the map, this brings a completely new feature to the game: labyrinths. Not having the ability to bring up a map, especially in times of desperate need really make the dungeon itself become almost an enemy. It makes me think a LOT more about where I’m going, and adds a ton of excitement especially when I gotta run from a badass down unfamiliar corridors (and into more enemies). Let alone figuring out the randomized mazes, and I think it’s actually a great mental exercise.
  • Removing potions and scrolls from vendors and reintroducing monster organs (all potion/scroll drops are replaced by single organ drops, so much much less potions because many different organs drop with different uses). I made potions and scrolls exclusively craftable eg. 4 hearts + 1 wine (new item I made) = 1 health potion. 10 demon tails in a ring with two eyes in the center opens a town portal no scroll (generally I do not have access to a tp/need to sacrifice a large amount of inventory to have access). Beer, liquor in different act flavors doing the same thing (beer/wine/liquor get you drunk to varying degrees with minor damage resist but less stamina regen), food rations (SUPER slow health regen), paper, hammers, and chisels were other items I introduced, and using runes more for enchanting items and crafting spells, and other minor crafting changes like gem downgrades with a chisel. Added different styles of organs that do the same thing like compound eyes for insect monsters vs regular bloody eyes.
  • Removing stamina increases (different characters start with their default stamina and it doesn’t increase naturally), and spells/skills using stamina to fight. Overall more stamina management, and much, much less of a pool. It’s actually relevant for kiting.
  • Rebalancing the economy so that monsters drop MUCH less gold, my dirty used grimy weapons that I find aren’t worth shit to vendors (except special cases), gems (excluding skulls which now randomly drop all qualities throughout the game, lil bit of a makeup for the lack of potions) are more of a money system but gems drop very rarely essentially they’ll save my life when I can’t afford things I need, and buying certain things from vendors requires planning. I made the prices realistic (60 bucks for a bottle of vodka) but I wouldn’t have enough money to just buy tons of it, just barely or not enough to use all the organs I find. Essentially they drop about the exact amount or just a bit less than I’d need, so I’m usually in a shortage and have to ration heavily. Adds a whole economic planning/severe rationing stage to the game. Also I don’t use inventory mods, so the inventory and stash itself are both rationed + extra essential items. No item drop changes whatsoever except gems & gold & new items, and no difference in zones (eg insect monsters drop the same variety of organs as demons just with a different flavor), core gameplay is untouched. No easy town portals, no map for the waypoint (so I have to remember the maps), or identify scrolls (also craftable with organs and paper) means the cash problem is further exasperated. Vendor, repair, and gambling price changes across the board mean it can be balanced for heavy rationing/desperation.
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Of course I only play hardcore characters on players 8, though I’ll admit I occasionally cheat with the Hero Editor and revive them if they’re worthy and died dishonorably. I wonder if Hero Editor will be able to work on this version, but that’s not a dealbreaker.

The reason I’m listing these changes is because I’m interested to see if they’ll still be possible. They’re all made through excel sheet edits and some images added into the files, drawn into the excel sheet for the new items. These changes are simple, they don’t affect the core of the game (as I viewed potions/map mostly as cheats and stamina/economy I thought was overlooked to the point of irrelevance). Maybe changing crafting a bit to more simply remove gems from sockets by just buying or finding a hammer & chisel etc, but I personally like that. What I need to know is that I can make all of these changes to really have the dopest D2 around. It’s very important to me. Otherwise tbh I’ll still be playing classic.

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