The neverending trading/no-trading discussion: can’t we move forward?

Content of the article: "The neverending trading/no-trading discussion: can’t we move forward?"

Hello fellas.

Whenever this sensitive topic is discussed, it always ends with some part trying to alienate the other, accusations of cheating and real money making.

Couldn't we make it civil and accept there're 2 different kind of players? Wanting trading doesn't neccesarily mean that you run a real money shop. Wanting an enviroment without Pay2Win is also legit. Could we put ourselves on other's feet? Could we stop that "my way or highway" moronism?

Can we please discuss avoiding the neverending phallacias/obvius loopholes? No, trading doesn't neccesarily mean AH. No, you haven't discovered the 3rd party sites, we all know about them. No you haven't discovered the new dudes getting showered with items by other players (so killing the main point of playing the game). Let's advance and not get always stuck at these points.

Whomever wants trading, wants it despite those things, so instead of bringing the obvious, try to behave constructively and propose a solution (inb4 remove all trading): be clan limits, binding after X trades, limit trades per week or month, mechanisms for evaluating items' values (in order to ensure that the trade is fair and not "a present"), league divisions of Trade/SSF, … Whatever that's not just asking you "opponents" to knee after you. Be imaginative, and please, constructive.

Thank you.

EDIT: really disappointed by the cold reaction to the topic. I don't care whether that's this or other message by other user, I don't need the glory or whatever useless recognizement in a place where nobody knows me, but it's pretty obvious that this needs to be discussed, and downvoting this OP just buries the discussion. Make yourself a new one if you want, but we really need to discuss this without getting stuck at the usual obvious statements before the flame wars begin, always getting stopped just after scratching the surface. That way, if Blizzard makes whatever they want and fails, it'll be OUR FAULT for not offering proper feedback.

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