The Pale Man = Rathma or Durram?

And that's my 3rd and last re-post from D4. With this one I want to get as many opinions as possible because ultimately I can't decide atm.

I was searching through many past reddit posts and other forums and I found 2 most likely possibilities. As previously this is just fun and speculation so don't take it too seriously and please share your ideas.

1 – Rathma

– We know that somewhere in the files of the cinematic, the pale man was literally named "Rathma". This could have been a mistake or it could be done on purpose.

– There have been theories that Rathma lost his finger. And the pale man from the trailer is missing one of his fingers. The issue here is that I don't know if the description clearly states that this is actually Rathma.


I think the actions of the pale man could be something Rathma would do. In one of my previous posts I expressed that I believe Lilith might be the only desperate option to counteract Hell's influence over sanctuary and that's why Rathma would bring her back. But I still think the way the pale man talks and behaves is a bit too "dark" or "evil".

2 – Durram

– He was an Umbaru priest who was looking for knowledge and came back "changed". The line "There is no light here. You came to the darkness for knowledge" seems like something he would say.

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– Durram was later with the Triune and as we know from D4 devs, it was the Triune that brought back Lilith in D4. Triune is something Rathma probably wouldn't ally with nor would he need them to bring her back, unlike Durram.

– Durram definitely did lose his finger. We can find it in D3 as an item.

– The big problem (or not?) is that Durram died. His head was pierced by an op bone spear build. The only thing I can say to this is that necromancy and coming back to life isn't really uncommon in Diablo, and the pale man did have some weird things sticking out of his forehead as well as some protective thing in the middle.

Those 2 characters at this moment are in my opinion the most likely options. On one hand I think a lot points to Rathma, like the power level of the pale man and the "Rathma" name used in the files. But on the other, while it does make sense he would bring back Lilith in D4, it still seems a bit off for Rathma to kneel before before her. The behavior of the pale man seems to fit a bit more with Durram, he WAS actually with the Triune and the weird things on the pale man's head seem to "fit" the way Durram died last we saw him. But then again, in my previous post I explained how the pale mans line "blessed mother, save us" would fit with Rathma a bit more, tho now I think it fits with both of those characters.

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Ultimately this is where I am right now, I think the pale man is one of those 2 but which one? I'm not sure and I honestly can't decide which one I think is more likely at this moment. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Edit 1: Was Rathma ever using shapeshifting abilities like the pale man did? If not then that's one thing that would make me think it's not him. But then again.. I'm not sure if Durram would be able to do that either. And Rathma is pretty OP so who knows, maybe he actually can do that. NotLikeThis

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