The ‘why play classic’ Question

This is for new players and primarily those who never played Classic ( or what we call, CL for short ). These topics have been made over the last 15 or so years, none of which seem to be recent. So I decided to make a new one for 2021.

Classic is a completely different game from Lord of Destruction ( the expansion, also know as LoD ). There are many pros and cons for each 'mode' of the game, especially when we add in different game patch versions into the equation ( 1.0, 1.06, 1.09, 1.13 being the main ones ).

Some pros for LOD: – Runewords make PVP better – Jewels – Ability to play Assassin and Druid – Act 5 – Enlarged stash ( CL has a small 4×6 stash ) – More Uniques and Sets ( we will get into this more ) – Class-specific items ( sorceress orbs for example ) – Uber events – More players

As you can see, LoD has lots of pros, which it great. The cons are much less noticeable if you've never tried CL or don't remember it. The 'more uniques and sets' is definitely a positive, until you start to realize most uniques and sets are useless in LoD, when you have powerful, easy-to-make runewords early on such as Stealth armour, mid-game like a Spirit sword/shield and late-game such as Grief ( which is also super easy to make since it only takes a Lo rune ). This means items like Tyrael's Might ( the rarest unique item in the game ) is completely useless compared to an enigma runeword. Thus you have carbon clones of every other character in LoD.

Let's now go over some pros for CL: – Rares are mostly best-in-slot ( BiS for short ) – Whirlwind doesn't require IAS ( increased attack speed )

  • Uniques and sets are useful ( sigons set can be used in Hell act 4 for example and still be useful )

  • Socketing items is insanely expensive ( requires a SOJ for one socket, there's no other viable way to do it )

  • Killing Diablo as the last boss feels better ( only act 1-4 exists in CL, Diablo being the last boss just feels right )

  • Gambling is actually useful

  • Imbueing items from Charsi is extremely useful

  • The free ring from Ormus can be godly

  • There are less stats that can roll on items ( the stats that can roll are generally more useful. LoD added a lot of extra trash stats, which can replace good stats on an item, this makes good rares even harder to come by in LoD )

  • More difficult ( Classic is known for being more difficult compared to Lord of Destruction )

  • Hell Chaos actually requires teamwork

  • Only sorc can teleport and only barb can use battle orders etc…

  • Every character looks different and has different gear due to rares being BiS items

  • Much more difficult to get level 99 in CL ( it is seen as a true milestone to hit 99 in CL compared to LoD )

  • No Charms bogging up your inventory ( this also means HC/hardcore pvp is much better, since you don't have to lose or gear up charms )

  • Tighter-knit community ( as said above, Hell Chaos actually requires teamwork, this means you'll meet and befriend many players and work together )

  • Less bots ( bots can't survive CL alone reliability, especially if you play HCCL/Hardcore Classic like I do.

  • You can Classic-Rush players and export them to LoD ( unless it's an Assassin or Druid )

  • And more…

Now, obviously Classic isn't without flaws either. The Merc you can hire is not permanent, you also can't equip them with items, this makes the game much harder. The Amazon is pretty weak, since no good/unique javelins can spawn, only whites. Necromancers summons don't follow him between acts. No Ubers.

This isn't to discredit LoD or CL, as they're both great, however I would like to shine a light on Classic, as that's what a small ( still large enough ) hardcore audience likes to play. If you've never tried Classic, I highly recommend you give it a shot. It's a totally different game that feels more natural in terms of progression, freely flowing into the abyss, that is 'rare-BiS items' with your characters shiny red armour and sick looking 2 handed martel de fer, you can comfortably slay enemies knowing that you have different stated equipment and a unique looking character compared to everyone else on battlenet.


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