There was a time where Diablo 3 did not have loot 2.0 and ridiculous scaling, why do we never talk about the era around Paragon 100, Inferno MP10, rares being good and the trade scene being huge?

Diablo 3 before loot 2.0 was probably the most fun I had in any video game ever. I was raised with Diablo 2, was looking forward to Diablo 3 and luckily I started a couple of months after the release in 2012 when the Paragon system was introduced and legendaries were rewamped. Diablo 3 was fairly similar to Diablo 2:

Paragon 100 and Monster Power 10

This was probably the best design of leveling in any Diablo game. I never leveled to 99 in Diablo 2, I always stopped at 97 or 98. In the 1.13 ladder reset in 2010 I was in the top 20 sorcs on EU at lvl 97 and even then I just lost interest within the first couple of weeks and did whatever. Being restricted to CS/Baalruns to gain any XP at all gets boring quick. In Diablo 3 however, you did get experience in all acts, while there were still areas which were more efficient for xp farming. When I got bored doing xp runs, I killed Belial, Ghom, random areas that I enjoyed on MP10 for fun, because the bosses were actually hard and fun, over and over and still got at least a little XP. I grinded hours every day and it still took me months to get to Paragon 100 on my Sweeping Winds/Cyclone Monk. There were patches which changed the most efficient areas to farm. At times it was Alkaizer, then Ghom, then Crypt of the Ancients, I don't remember all. With difficulties scaling extremely high from one to another and having near infinite difficulties it doesn't mean anything to be able to clear in X difficulty. Your power level becomes meaningless, when there are 100s of difficulties ahead of you

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Slow combat Pace

The gear on my Monk was worth a couple hundred million gold. I was so happy when I got my 1k damage 2.X% lifesteal dex swords with a socket and a Won Khim Lau with life steal and socket on the offhand, so I had a combined 5.X% life steal. On Monster Power 10, you could see the mobs melt… slowly. At the same time, you could see your health pool melting… slowly. Which is exciting: Can you survive this pack with your lifesteal outpacing the damage you take? Your health globe is jumping up and down like a bouncy ball. Maybe you want to stay in the arcane to heal because of your Amulet?

Gear – Rares

Picking up rares and identifying them to see if they were trash or worth millions or maybe hundreds of millions was a thing. Every drop could be insane.

Gear – Iconic Legendaries everyone wanted

Echoing Fury, Mempo of Twilight, Ice Climbers, Witching Hour, Won Khim Lau? A measely 700 damage legendary fist weapon worth 50 million gold because it's the only fist weapon with %Lightning damage? A legendary Helm worth 100 mil because it's the only helm in the game that has attack speed, and it rolled 6%cc? Everyone looking for Ice Climbers because they are the only boots with Cannot be Frozen? Nice.

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I'm going to say it: The Gold Auction House was good.

Having a streamlined way of trading was so much better than D2. Having to deal with: "O Zaka -> What do you need? -> Offer?" and 5 tabs of D2JSP trades in the browser was annoying. Finding people for trades in afk games was annoying. In D3, I posted my shit to the Auction House before I went to school and all I could think about at school is if anyone bought my stuff and what upgrades I would buy from the gold. And sometimes I would post my stuff on D2JSP, because the gold limit on the AH was 250 mil. I really didn't care if there were people buying on the RMAH and the complaints were really overblown. If there were people buying on the RMAH, they wouldn't play for long because guess what, it's boring. Just random rich people trying out Diablo 3, buying shit with RM and leaving after a while.

Ubers – CM Wizards being the designated uber killers

Just like Smiters in Diablo 2. Unlike Diablo 2 however, you could clear ubers on MP10 on most characters, it was more difficult and more gear intensive however. A CM wizard used the Critical Mass Passive that reduced your cooldowns on crits together with Frost Nova to stunlock the ubers. I still did them as a Monk because I had insane lifesteal and dodging the mechanics was fun.

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Diablo 3 wasn't always hyper inflated with loot and drops and it's irritating why people keep saying that D3 was always like that


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