Thoughts/Feedback on the latest “quarterly update”

I can t say I am surprised by the latest quarterly update. It is exactly as I expected. Some new shiny cool art to delude us and nothing on the very important aspects of the game: items.

Let s tackle the art first. The art looks awesome, especially those cinematic screenshots. They got it right there. The art team is Kratos.

The UI didn t get much news. It still looks horrible. Especially the items. Yeah you will say it is not final but look at previous games. It is most likely close to final, especially if we do not complain. The items look so dull, crappy font, no 3d rendered items, small picture representing the item and so on. In a game mostly about getting items from monsters, I couldn t care less about these items. They even added those green arrows so you care even less.

I won t really tackle the other aspects much…mounts seem ok, camps are also nice. Storytelling can t say much, since the story won t be revealed before anyway.


Everyone knows that the core aspects of any arpg are itemisation (loot) and character customisation. Currently D4 fails miserably at itemisation and is mediocre at character customisation.

First we saw the very bland itemisation and we complained. When you thought this could not get worse, they came up with something new: ANGELIC/DEMONIC/USELESS POWER. This system is just pointless..not to mention it sounds so cliche and generic it causes laughter.

We were told after that we will get more info on itemisation in the next quarterly update. Surprise, the next one showed us nothing new on items, just a moving powerpoint of 5 mobs copied 1:1 from warhammer. Then we were told the next quarterly update will tell us more about itemisation.

Surprise, surprise, the next quarterly update arrives and…the items look the same. or worse, can t tell (don t they have even less stats?)

The current d4 items:


Let s take eminence anvil, a RARE amulet.

2% hit effect chance. I can tell, this stat is useless or near useless.

4% damage while healthy. so a conditional stat that gives not much damage.

18% crushing blow dmg. (requires 33 whatever power). so another conditional stat, which relies on other equipped items.

so this item has: 1 useless stat, 1 conditional weak stat, 1 conditional stat based on other equipped items.

in other words, this item is just a filler for your slot. doesn t even give defense or whatever.

next item: chaos seal RARE amulet.

it has TWO conditional stats which rely on other items, but they are different so most likely you ll get one of them only.

12% mana cost reduction – useless stat. no1 will bother with this.

17 angelic power – i don t even know if this on its own gives some bonus to health damage or whatever. it might be just a number to unlock other stats on other items.

so again, a useless item.

here: a grey item from d2


it has 2 usefull stats out of 3 (durability not so useful) + 2 sockets which could add other stats. It is a grey item, the lowest of lowest and it looks more interesting and useful than A RARE ITEM in d4.

I won t even talk about runewords which can increase the value of a grey item even more. that is utopia already in d4 terms.

rare item in d2 for comparison:


no comment needed here.

diablo 3 random rare:


it has 6 interesting stats. all of them are rather useful.

poe example:


minecraft dungeons COMMON item:


have a good laugh at this one. how much d4 was dumbed down.

next on itemisation in d4: legendaries!


executioner's gauntlets:

263 defense stat. green arrow approved.

+8 ancestral power. whatever this adds besides a filler for stats on other items.

12%damage to stunned enemies (requires demonic power). depends on stat from other items so conditional at best.

+6.5% root chance on hit. not sure if this is something useful. could be. doubt it. maybe if it works on bosses.

4% damage to healthy enemies. so partially conditional, depends on what healthy means.

and then the LEGENDARY POWAH. the only actual useful stat on this item. basically this is a legendary power stick. nothing really matters except the legendary power. the only stat anyone will look at. so your character customisation through items is…a legendary power OR EVEN 4 WITH MYTHICS!! POWAHHH!! per slot. i don t understand why this game even has items at this point. it can simply have an UI with legendary gem alpha beta gamma and you just get the gems and equip the legendary powers. wouldn t be a difference. items are very boring already. the artwork adds even more on to that and the green red arrows add that perfect solution to counter the boredom of items: instant comparison. you have to read the legendary power though if you have legendary items. won t dismiss the only useful stat, no?

a random unique (legendary) item from d2:


as you can see there are many interesting stats to take into account when equipping this item. the item feels interesting and cool.

d3 legendaries:


these legendaries don t even have legendary powers and look better than d4 legendaries.

poe unique:


grim dawn unique item:


D4 rares, blues and commons are completely useless. You just wear them so you have an equipped item in each slot. they are garbage, instant salvage. This was not the case in d2 or d3 (especially in the beginning of d3). in other rpgs like grim dawn or especially poe, rares are rather strong items.

so in d4, already more than half the items you get are instant salvage/vendor. the remaining half consists of boring items with few, useless stats and a legendary power, the only useful stat in most cases if not all cases. leaving attack/defense/hp stats aside. there are no worthy suffixes or affixes. not to mention there are few overall. i ve seen items which spark more interest in minecraft dungeons, an arpg designed for 7 year olds to play with their parents and learn the basics of arpg.

They try to delude us with awesome artwork, cinematics, effects so that we will pre-order this joke of an arpg. don t get me wrong, the artwork is TOP NOTCH. if the artwork team would be a steel hammer, the itemisation team would be a wet noodle.

did you ever play games with awesome artwork and graphics and bad gameplay? how long did you play them after finishing once or twice the main story/campaign? how many times did you return to them after that?

This is an arpg, and itemisation and character creation are the core features. there is this dopamine loop that keeps you playing to get cool loot. if the loot is crap, why are you even playing anymore? to steamroll though enemies? how long will that keep you hooked?

If you guys want D4 to be that cool game you play for a long time and keep returning to once in a while, voice your opinions on itemisation before it is too late.

Do you really want D4 to be a 60$ money sink where u play twice at best through the campaign 15 hours and return to the game only for an expansion for the cost of an additional 40$ every time?

My post may be chaotic, but I think you get the essence. I don t want D4 to be headachingly complicated as POE. I want the game to be good and interesting but somehow they managed to dumb the itemisation so much down, D3 itemisation looks like a masterpiece in comparison. d2 is like a holy grail but doesn t matter. laughs in minecraft dungeons

a d1 unique:


edit: since the game will be R rated or whatever, I don t see any corporate reason they would dumb down itemisation so much, since the game, given its artwork, is not designed for children.

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