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Project D2 is controlled by moderators who act like 13 year old immature children and abuse their power. I was recently perma banned on my level 29 hardcore mode support holy paladin for joining a public game(Normal mode is the only mode I can do, my gear is trash, I have no high level characters, I am level 29, and it was hardcore). I'm trying to level and get gear in hardcore so I don't die, which apparently doesn't matter because if you kill a monster some moderator wants they will just perma ban you from project D2.

Apparently fighting some monsters in a PUBLIC game within my level range on hardcore mode is a bannable offensive if you happen to have the unfortunate luck of joining a PUBLIC game with a 13 year old child moderator named "Xes" in the project d2 community.

I ask you all to think about this situation; and future potential situations that will follow from moderator behavior like this. If this moderator got so upset like a child who couldn't get their way, what happens when an item drops in a public game and this moderator feels like they deserved it, and then chooses to act in an immature emotional way again.

This "moderator" then followed me from game to game harassing me in chat, saying they were going to ban me. Keep in mind, this is all because I was killing monsters in a PUBLIC game within my level range( My highest level toon, the one I was on, can't even do nightmare mode and has not even killed Baal yet).

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When I addressed this moderator's(Xes) immature actions with the other moderators on projectd2 I was met with nothing but hostility and unwillingness to admit that their moderator has acted in an unjustified way.

This is a big red flag in this community and I hope it is addressed. I'm going back to retail d2, at least the bots are friendly and I won't be banned for joining PUBLIC GAMES and playing the game content within my level range.

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