Which aura for FoH paladin ?

Content of the article: "Which aura for FoH paladin ?"

Hey there !I'm new to PoD, but played vanilla d2 quite extensively many years ago. I created my first PoD char and decided to go for a build that did not work in vanilla d2, namely a FoH paladin. I'm lvl 84 now, and I'm trying to ask myself which aura(s) I should use. And I feel like there's no obvious answer. In a way, this question is kinda related to the merc choice (depending on which aura I use, I want a merc with a different aura). So far, I'm using an A3 meditation merc, but mainly because I didn't want to use AGAIN an A2 merc with insight. Here are my thoughts:

– conviction: I've seen some guide recommending it. But given the fact that most of my dmg come from magic, I don't really see the point (except maybe for some nasty immune, but for these most of the cases conviction isn't enough to break the immunity and I'll have to use holy bolt anyway).- redemption: I've seen some foh players using it. Alright, the life/mana regen is nice but is it really worth using our aura slot for this ? I mean, so far (I did not play maps and endgame content a lot, so maybe I'm just wrong) I feel like I'm kind in a binary situation: either I take close to no dmg (most of the time), or I take a lot and very quickly (like a pack of champion blood lord). In both cases I don't see redemption being a game changer: either I don't really need the regen or its to slow anyway. On top of that, I could just use another aura, and periodically switch to redemption after having killed a pack of mobs, right ?- holy freeze: so far, when I played difficult area, I used to switch to holy freeze. Since there's no merc with it anymore, it feels like its the best defensive aura I can use. But it seems like I'm the only person doing this. Therefore I'm wondering: should I invest some point in there to increase the speed penalty to the mobs ?- salvation: temporary useful since I don't have max res with my stuff, but at some point I'll reach 75@ and then having this aura is just silly- cleansing: nice bonus, although I feel like holy freeze is a better defense- defiance: well … I'm not supposed to be too close to monsters, so that would actually benefit my merc more than myself. Not very appealing

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So yeah … as you can see, I'm not really sure what's the best option here. I would be very curious to see what you guys think about it 🙂 thanks in advance for your help !

ps: Ah, maybe I should say that since this is my first char, super expensive combinations of auras with HR runewords are not really an option for me (at least not right now).

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