While Servers are Down I’d Like to Discuss Chat System

I frequent this sub and haven't really seen this topic brought up. I know it was briefly touched upon with the open testing.

This has to be the absolute worst chat system I've ever encountered in any game. Period. Nothing the works the way you'd think. Here are some of the most annoying factors:

  1. Chat is forced to background in all scenarios. I can't think of a single time chat is forced to front. At a vendor? Chat hidden. In your stash? Chat hidden. Inventory? Nah. Gotta hit enter to see WTF people be talking about. Can't even see if someone joins the game or not. Since I have auto-invite turned off my buddies have to ask me to invite them often. Or send me invites. Which I can't see of course.

  2. Whispering someone doesn't default you to chatting with that person. You send one message and then the next message will default back to your previous chat channel. Whispering your friend in another game? Not anymore! Better hope you didn't just say something you didn't want in game chat!

  3. Selecting who to whisper or what channel is absolute garbage. Maybe I just don't know the intricacies yet, but holy crap you have to click the button up top to get to the channel. But to see all your communicado you have to click "all" and then go back and click "game" to talk in the freaking game! Yikes. I'm probably not even explaining this correctly because it's such garbage.

  4. Having to hit the dropdown on your friendslist every time you bring them up. Then you have to right click and whisper them or join game. What a mess. Just let us click ONCE and then permanently see the friends list, recently played, etc. Let us fold it back if we don't want to see it! IT'S SO BAD.

  5. Lobby chat. Once you go back to lobby chat it puts you in the channel and YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE WHISPERS BY DEFAULT??? Am I doing something else wrong here? Which brings me to my next point.

  6. Bnet notifications. If you miss a single whisper in a game, even if you open up all chat to see it at a later time, you get a Bnet notification. Maybe this is because they knew their chat system was such garbage they needed a failsafe. Again I could be doing something wrong here, but seriously. Wtf. Am I this stupid? Yes I am. So make this sh*t easier to use!

  7. Linking items. Just nope. Why even bother leaving this implemented after testing. Yeah I love seeing that Ethereal Lance of Yaggai from 8 games ago. It sucked then. It sucks now. I tried giving it to my mercenary; he didn't even say he'd put it to good use. He spat in my face.

Overall NOTHING works intuitively in the chat system. My buddy was trying to explain it; you almost can't put it in words. Absolutely nothing works the way you think it should.

The end. Discuss or don't. I've just been thinking about making this post the last week or so. I can't believe they've fixed NOTHING with chat system. Is the rest of the game really that much of a mess?


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