Why are people so pushy about helping you? (big rant)

I don't mean to sound ungrateful… but good lord, some of these people are actually out of their minds.

I've had about a dozen super pushy people who basically try to force their help on me since I started up again a few days ago, and will NOT take no for an answer. Like is it really that unusual of a concept that people might want to play the game through on their own, instead of having it played for them? People who are tired of having every char rushed and then getting bored of the game in a week?

For example… first time, me and some new buddies are playing in tal tomb levels 16-18, and some level 89 joins the match named "A2 Walk" (how did he even find the game?) and goes "pp i help". We all agreed, politely, that we didn't want to add him and wanted to finish walking the act without help.. so he goes hostile on us and legitimately searches out all the tombs to come kill us… like what??

All after he keeps switching to pp and then hostile when we decline…So I learned from that and started doing level restricts, but anytime I join someone elses game.. well. And even with the level restrict already been about half a dozen ppl higher level come into "walk" titled games partying and then going "boss wp/tp up".

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So now I'm in Hell act 2, level 77 myself and partied with a 70 sin.. FOUR level 86+s come into my match named A2 Walk Only and absolutely refuse to accept that we (again very politely) don't want their help and their mh'd tps directly to every quest item/boss.. both of us saying, we just wanna play/walk the act and get exp and the skill quest.

All 4 of them legitimately cussed us out, together.. and one of them even went so far as to go to and kill all of the bosses in every act and say "have fun now, no bosses" …like, are you for real?? like first of all i can't just make a new game in seconds, and secondly how petty and insecure are you??

What is actually up with people like this, and why is there so many of them? Is this just an ego thing? Are people that needy and insecure that they HAVE to show you "look! LOOK! im 8 levels higher than you and i can kill this stuff easy and got all the wps already! aren't i amazing?? look!" am I supposed to clap or something?

Can't they just accept that, god forbid, someone wants to play the game as intended?…

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