Why do some people hate Diablo 3 even years after its release?

I know a lot of people like D3 and that an estimated 14.5 million people play the game regularly and it is the 3rd best-selling PC game of all time. But in the same time the game gets a lot of flak years after its "Error 37" gate it got at the release launch. To this day it is common to bash D3 in a lot of internet circles, especially in other subreddits that cover blizzard's games. I had such an encounter in r/wow in which someone mentioned D3 in passing and then there was a huge circlejerkfest in which people had the audacity to say that "D3 was a failure", "D3 is a dead game", and "More people play D2 than D3", all of which are not true at all. How can a game that is the third best-seller of all time be a failure and a game be dead when like I said, 14.5 million still play it and there's no proof that more people play D2 than D3 (on that topic, I did some research and it turns out about 2k "people" still play D2 but most are probably bots).

Even on the D3 forums on its website there's a common tendency to bash the game and do usual cliches mocking it, and it all had to do with the Error 37 thing. But that problem was almost 10 years ago (ikr that 2012 was 8 years ago!) and the game has improved since then. Why haven't those people moved on from that controversy?

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To me I think Diablo 3, despite the messed up release, is a very good game that kicks ass and I think it deserves a better reception on the internet besides this very subreddit. What do you think are the reasons that D3 is still controversial even though it was been 8 years since that screwed up launch date?

Edit: I fixed the player count it turns out that 14.5 million people play the game, not 15 million. Still a lot of people.

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