Why you should use grief.

Ever seen a barb with 2 phase blades annihilating the pack in front of you, while basking in a glorious 5k hp and wonder, "why didn't I roll a barb", you aren't alone and we can feel your jealous gazes.

Grief damage does not show in the character screen, so how much damage does grief actually do?

Currently running a dual grief ww barb in HC, I will use my barb for calculations:

Grief weapon 1 – +385 dmg

Grief Wepon 2 – +362 damage

Average 373.5

Phase Blade Damage – 31-35

Average 33

Average damage base = 406.5

  • Now let's add the % ed.

Strength 156%

Level 31 Whirlwind 190%

Level 29 Sword Mastery 168%

Level 17 Merc Might aura 200%

Total = 714% ed

  • 406,5*7.14 = 2,902 damage per hit.

Deadly Strike and Critical Strike – both of these double damage, but they roll independently, you can never do 4x damage.

  • Deadly

Grief = 20%

Highlord's Wrath = 34%

Gore Rider = 15%

Total = 69%

  • Critical


1 – (0.31*.69) = 78.61

So a 79% chance to do double damage

So now we take all our damage and multiply it by 1.79

2,902*1.79 = 5194.58 average damage per hit.

What about missing targets? Grief has Ignore Target Defense, assuming the monster you are hitting is the same level as you, it will score a hit 95% of the time.

5194.58 x 0.95 = 4935 damage per hit.

How many times does ww hit per second with a grief phase blade? Grief Phase Blades hit the max ww breakpoint, so they hit every 4th frame, we have 2 of them so we score 1 hit per 2 frames. How many frames in a second – 25. So we hit 12.5 time a second.

4935*12.5 = 61,486

Lets subtract 5% for the misses – 61,486*0.95 = 58.603 damage per second.

This is not including blocked damage, we hate mobs that block :)*

Damage to Demons

At level 93 Grief adds 174% damage to demons. We have 2 griefs, but the bonuses don't add together, each only effects damage done with that weapon.

Laying of Hands – 350%

Total – 524% damage to demons.

So now we go back to the first bit and add this in with the other % ed on the base damage, like we did with strength + weapon mastery/whirlwind.

Strength 156%

Level 31 Whirlwind 190%

Level 29 Sword Mastery 168%

Level 17 Merc Might aura 200%

Laying of Hands – 350%

Grief – 174%

Total = 1238%

So we multiply grief base by 12.38 = 5,032

We multiply this by our critical/deadly strike multiplier – 5032*1.79 = 9,008

We multiply this by out hits per second with whirlwind – 9,008*12.5 = 112,601

Now we subtract for our baseline 5% to miss – 106,971

So to demons without block, we deal 106,971 damage per second.

This is why dual grief whirlwind is the king of barb pvm. Nothing else comes close, weapon range etc doesn't matter when everything else simply does so much less damage, and if you use an eBOTD you have to sacrifice a lot of gear slots for attack rating. I rolled a 400% ebotd 3 days ago and sold it 3 hours later, it's just not comparable.


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