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Figured I'd do some players a favor and post an actual zBarb build everyone should run on console. My group have been inviting random barbs through LFG's and we noticed a trend, Stone Gauntlets and Leoric's crown. Both are bad choices, and I don't know where people actually pulling this info from, but it's wrong.

zBarb's job in current console meta is to stay with the Wizard, stomp through "power cycles" and drag "half-chewed" elites to the next pack. In addition to that, zbarbs still have to make sure everyone has IP and shouts. As a zBarb, you are not a scout, zDH is.

Below are several important nuances of the "console zBarb":

  1. No gem of Toxin. Yeah, sure 10% damage is nice, but if you can't drop kill count and DPS run out of Nephalem Glory buff, they lose 100% damage. Few pros can drop kill count efficiently, but let's face it, you're on reddit…you're not a pro. So, just don't run it.
  2. No Stone Gauntlets. Without SG you'lll have about 5-10b toughness, and that's plenty. SG come with Immobilize which is a huge problem for generating Nephalem Globes. Just like gem of Toxin, it's not worth it.
  3. No cc's on your gear. NONE!!! No 1.2% slow on hit, no chance to freeze or immobilize. None, except for Blind on Hit. You can have "blind on hit" on helm (40% max) and both weapons. You are not allowed to have any cc's on your gear.
  4. Double Stomp. Necro and Sader both deal a ton of damage when RG is stunned. You can ensure they deal max damage by ground stomping twice during "power cycle". Here's rotation: Target lock RG, spin, DPS calls out stomp, stomp once, spam Ancient Spear to proc Obsidian and get Ground Stomp back instantly, stomp again.
  5. You can run Messerschmitt or Echoing Fury instead of Vigilance. Executioner is the top choice unless you run with a Necro.
  6. Your job, after entering the rift, is to create NG globes. Before you start slinging chain and stomping and cc the crap out of mobs, just spin through mobs until NG globe or 3 pop out. NG globes give 100% damage buff. They are critical.
  7. You job is to stay with the Wizard. If Sader/Nec wants that Jug because "it's close, just 1 rotation and I got him", leave him. Go with the Wizard, the idiot Sader/Necro can just die alone crying for IP.
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So, this is the core of zBarbing on console. Also, don't waste time building Rat Barb. Rats are essentially non-existent on console. Players generally prefer speed 129's -139's depending on para. Good luck.


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