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100 hours on unranked actually makes you a bad player!

Long post alert.

TL;DR: Grinding new players for 100 hours in unranked actually ends up making them bad players. Because they repeatedly have to play with other bad players who unwittingly ruin the gameplay. New players who know better have to adjust their playstyle to be compatible with the bad players.This becomes a negative feedback loop and we get bad new Dota players.

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I started playing Dota 2 in Oct 2020 after they dropped the ball on Dota Underloards. I have known and followed Dota for 3-4 years now as a lot of my friends play it.

I love the game design and depth. I was just afraid that I will never be "mechanically" good enough to play Dota well. But once I started playing and watching a ton of YT tutorials I started getting better at Dota really fast.

I clearly understand things like lane equilibrium, pulling & stacking, hero roles & farm properties, space creation, timings, vision control, map control, etc.

There are still a lot of things I am not good at or don't understand well like hero matchups, drafting, team fights, etc.


I usually play pos 3 or 5. Both of them require you to maintain a delicate lane equilibrium to ensure a good chance of winning. I have played 60+ hours of unranked so far. I don't care about winning, but the game experience must be good for it to be fun.

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But the teammates or even opponents I get matched with most of the time, don't understand this or care about it. Their laning stage strategy is ofter "Just hit the creeps".

I have to adjust my playstyle according to them for those games to make any sense. This often requires doing things that I know are WRONG. Which frustrates me!

100 hours of unranked limit for new players should be reduced or reworked.

– Make it 50 hours- Or make it such that after 40 hours you get to play 1 game ranked for each 2 or 1 unranked game you play

Let me know your thoughts!

If you agree with this, help blow this up to get Valve's attention.
I believe in Reddit's power to bend big organizations!


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