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1v1 Solo Mid Tournament – 02-13-2021 – 2PM EST (8PM CET) – 1st: $55.00, 2nd: $20.00, 3rd $15.00 (100% of Subs and Donations increases the prize pool during the event)

There will be a Dota2 1v1 Solo Mid Tournament taking place on 02/13/2021 (Saturday) at 2PM EST (8PM CET). Prize is $55.00 for first place, $20.00 for second place, $15.00 for third place. This tournament is sponsored by Stormcode#2488! Please visit his 📷shop-chat📷 channel in the discord to see his jewelry that is made in a homemade forge!

If anyone subs or donates to TheRealDota2Champions Twitch (, the prize pool for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places will increase. 100% of the sub and donation revenue will be directed into the prize pool!

There is no MMR cap for this tournament. You must be on your main account. You must create a Team in the Dota Client under Settings (Gear in top left)–> Account –> Manage Pro Info and Teams. Create a team (can just be your username if you like), Upload a logo for your team (not required but would look nice) and document your "TEAM ID". This is needed to add you to the tournament bracket in the Dota2 Client (Can be seen under Watch–>Tournaments–>Amateur–> Select Europe Region and you will see The Real Dota2 Champions).

Participants must play the same hero in a best of 1 match. The hero will be chosen by spinning a wheel on-stream or by viewers who sub or donate to the stream. No stream sniping, no poor sportsmanship.

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Once we reach the semi-finals, we will do a best of 3 matches per round. EU West servers will be used by default unless both parties agree to change servers. If a decision on the server location cannot be made, a protest can be made and a tournament administrator will make the final decision.


Registration URL:


Live Stream URL: (Casters will be Black#4872. DM Black#4872 on discord if you want to cast)

Tournament Bracket Stage: – OR – You can view the brackets and/or watch live in the Dota2 Client by going to Watch –> Tournaments –> Amateur –> and choose the Europe Region. Click on "View" next to "The Real Dota2 Champions"

The Real Dota2 Champions Social Media:


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Post: "1v1 Solo Mid Tournament – 02-13-2021 – 2PM EST (8PM CET) – 1st: $55.00, 2nd: $20.00, 3rd $15.00 (100% of Subs and Donations increases the prize pool during the event)" specifically for the game Dota 2. Other useful information about this game:

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