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3 Things that holding you back for ranking up!

Content of the article: "3 Things that holding you back for ranking up!"

The first point that i learnt is

  1. Knowing your job and priority in your lane according to your pick and opponent pick

why this is important? so basically after the game started you can basically predict whos ur opponent in the lane, like if ure playing safelane you can predict the offlaner, and after you know whos ur enemy you can basically know whats your job and priority in the lane, and after that its gonna be easier for you to decide everything, like starting item, early item, gameplay at the lane (passive/aggresif/defensive) and trust me youre gonna make a better decision if youre thinking about this from the start of the game.

  1. Quickness the only thing that makes a divine player a divine player, is his quickness about making a decision and. For example: like in the lane if youre already have 2 range creep stack in your lane you can basically say that the lane gonna push no matter what, so youre gonna look at the clock and think can you pull byurself or not, what happen with divine player is they dont think like this, they make a reaction instead of making a preventive action, so they will think about the pull after the creeps pushed to enemy tower. In order to be quick at making decision you just have to play a lot and thinking when youre playing in the game.

  2. All items are situational!

Theres not a single build that perfect on everygame. If you want to be coached by him, just never ask whats the good item build on any hero. He will say that no item build is perfect, its all situational. Dont be afraid to make mistake, and trust me you will, when ure trying to think about whats good item for me in this game, youre gonna make a lot of mistake, but throughout the process you will also learn a lot of things, eventually you will understand how an item works, and whats situational that i can buy that item. 1 tips when ure trying to build ur own item in your game, just think about the pace of the game, do u wanna go slow against them (the enemy) or slow?, if you feel like you can outscale the enemy you can think about farming item like midas, battle fury, manta. And if you feel like you want to make pressure all over the map, and wanna try to snowball the game think about item that help you fight not farm like: drums, diffusal, maelstorm, echosabre, mask of madness.

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Fyi i do a free coaching session for my loyal viewer on twitch and also i have a discord that full with my student actively talking about dota you can check it out on hope to see you there!


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