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#4 of 35 gameplay details every pro Chen player should know

Content of the article: "#4 of 35 gameplay details every pro Chen player should know"

Hi, I'm sikle and I held the first position at opendota for a year or more among ALL Chens in the world. I was top 60 (EU) with 9000 MMR half a year ago and was a full-time streamer until recent when I had to drop streaming & playing due to financial issues.

When I watch pro players contributing into the game 30% of what Chen can actually do, that makes my eyes bleed. I don't play now so I decided to share some tips and basic stuff with everyone who is interested in the hero and hope it will help understand this "complex" hero more. I will make this as series of small posts, 35 in total.

#4. The Wildking

My favorite creep among all of 'em because of the many situations this creep can be used in.

  1. It gives armor to lane creeps (15-23% physical reduction) and 3 free armor to everyone around you in general. If you buy a mere buckler you provide +5 armor for everyone around you. It's pretty badass. Lane creeps with more armor means that they will take more hits from the tower equals more damage they can deal to the tower. This is especially good for catapults against towers. A catapult deals 2.5x more damage to the tower so it depends on you how long can you make your catapult survive; base armor of the siege unit is 0 so +3 means a lot. Combine it with Ogre's +5 armor.

  2. You can check wards in inaccessible places like hills, because Tornado has 300/300 day/night flying vision.

  3. You can take a look at what is going on in the roshpit, while damaging and slowing down both Roshan and enemies, and not let them use Dagger towards you – they need to leave the area of effect of the tornado.

  4. The AoE is 600 (!), it's quite difficult for enemies to use Blink, when this spinner-shit is moving and affecting everyone in such a radius, they constantly have to change position.

  5. The closer the unit to the tornado, the more damage it gets. Minimum AoE for potential max. damage is 150 (45 dmg/sec), maximum AoE for min. potential damage – 600 (15 dmg/sec). The damage is dealt 4 times a second, it's magical and does not pierce bkb.

  6. The maximum you can deal with Tornado is 1811 before reductions at the closest distance – this is perfect for farming ANY amount of stacked camps.

  7. Fighting amidst the tornado is such pain for enemies, it's like moving mini-Macropyre. It's slowing, it's damaging and you don't wanna fight in one place for a long time. Think of it's either as a moving Macropyre or Radiance.

  8. While pushing highground place the Wildwing that way so the edge of its aura touches the whole pack of lane creeps so they recieve the armor buff and the Wildwing is in the safe place.

  9. While pushing t1-t2 towers use a tornado and scout the places where enemies might potentially TP to. Knowing who is teleporting is an important thing.

  10. Use the "patrol" button (you can find it in the settings) and you won't need to control the tornado manually when pushing highground or scouting Rosh. Let it move itself. If there is enough vision, then you can select tornado and press the right click on the enemy and it will chase him until the vision is lost.

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