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4 times , I almost hit ancient and then proceeded to lose the next 15 games , what am I doing wrong here ?

Content of the article: "4 times , I almost hit ancient and then proceeded to lose the next 15 games , what am I doing wrong here ?"

I was literally 3 wins way from finally hitting ancient 2 days ago and the next 3 games I had a pudge mid , a tiny mid who got a 14 blink dagger+brown boots while letting the enemy arc free farm and then an ember mid who just straight up fed , after that it was a bunch of wins and losses where I kept bouncing between 3.7k and 3760 mmr , today I went on a massive losing streak because I had to farm role Q games

I won the first game of the day , lost the next LC game (I was winning my lane but the enemy AM would just blink on my support Zeus with lion and blow him up constantly) because I had a pos 4 Zeus , basically my team didn’t give a fuck about the AM and I was literally the only one running around solo smoked trying to kill him , even managed to do it twice but it wasn’t enough

The third game I picked NP , and honestly it was pretty bad , they had safelane pudge and morph , and I was pretty tilted at this point , got hooked by pudge like 3 times and died , then I had to DC twice , causing me to abandon the game (internet issues , I’ve never had them before , last time I abandoned because of my internet was like 8 months ago or smth) , I will admit I was flaming my safe laner for picking monkey king and farming a battle fury when clearly the enemy team had a much better late game lineup , never the less when I abandoned they sold my items (orchid and treads) and I lost it when I reconnected , blocked all our camps and fed like 3 times , THEN I felt like a piece of shit so I unblocked all the camps 5 mins later and tried to farm up guardians and medallion to play as a support or something but the damage was already done , got a 2 day ban and probably will have 6 games of LP when I get back

This has happened 3 times in the past…like why ? Every time I’m close to ancient the next 15-30 games are the worst experience in dota I’ve ever had

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I’m just venting here and I’m pretty salty about the ban but I did deserve it , behaviour score dropped from 8.6k to 7.4k so rip

What should I do while I wait ? Is there a discord or something for people to party up to get out of LP , I play pos 1 , currently 3.6k mmr , I promise I’m not toxic , I just mute everyone and go about my business and use the chat wheel , it’s just that sometimes stuff like this happens


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