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4 years of Dota 2 experience and being stuck in 2k MMR

Content of the article: "4 years of Dota 2 experience and being stuck in 2k MMR"

Hello dear peps,

I'm a typical normal skill level (2k) Dota 2 player. I'm playing this game since 2016, so I'm playing this game for the last 4 years and I didn't play any other game at all.

3 days ago, I saw my old downloaded replays, from 2017. In one game I got a rampage with Alchemist. I was playing pos1 Alchemist. I saw that I had many practical and mechanical mistakes like rotations, roaming in the map with no purpose, farming a little bit uneffectively, last hitting issues. But when I compare myself with old me, I see that I improved so many little things about mechanical and practical. Like, I'm better at farming, last hitting, creep aggroing to get LH/DN, farming patterns on some specific heroes like Meepo, Brood, Alchemist, Magnus.

My brother don't play Dota 2 as much as me. He played in 2016-2017 very much because we met Dota 2 at the same time and due to our potato PC, we liked it and played it so much. Anyways, my brother got 3.2k or so at calibration. I got something around 1k, I don't really remember. And I created 3 more accounts in the last year and I calibrated with 2k on 3 of them. One of them calibrated with 2.9k which made me very happy. But in that case, my brother was playing Dota 2 rarely, mostly playing single draft, and very rarely playing ranked. And he managed to raise his MMR to 3.7k with this play.

I watch educational stuff and play so many games, even some days I play 14 games in a row. I just don't know how I couldn't make my dream come true. All I want is to see 3 in the first number of my MMR.

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I recently started watching educational videos on BSJ's channel, watching some professional players in Twitch. Watching some match replays. I also tried Gameleap last year but it was a boring experience for me. The way they teach is like school, except books.

What do you think about me/my brother and what wpuld you suggest me?

My Dotabuff profile if you are interested in: (last 3 abandons are related to bad connection, sorry to show you some abandons in my profile)


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