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7.27 vengeful spirit support

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Some itemisation advice for vs players for this patch. I'm legend V playing at SEA. I've been spamming venge to climb from archon V, with a 60% winrate.

  1. I noticed that drums is a really strong item to rush in this patch, because it's so cheap. The components also help with reaching enemies for a swap, surviving it, and also having more Mana regen for the early game.

Sage mask > wind lace > crown

  1. If you get vlads, you can still buy a buckler. You can get buckler before boots, too. I usually buy the ring of protection as a starting item and up 2nd skill first, it makes you able to trade effectively. (Of course, up your stun first if you need to contest the bounty rune or the opponents are too dangerous)

  2. If you bought vlads, a good next item is halberd because the lifesteal and healing amp synergizes with your tranquil boots and vlads. Not to mention the evasion.

  3. Aether lens is good at all stages of the game, but now it's buffed because the price is lower. I would say this item is more to standing back, swapping allies to safety. So, ghost scepter instead of halberd. {You can also get this if you really want to swap certain enemy heroes like wd, cm, pudge or mk)

  4. Shiva's guard is a good late game item now because it has a healing reduction aura. The opponents also can't kill your illusion easily because the aura slows their attack speed by 45.

For neutral items, avoid the ones that reduce your damage such as craggy coat and philosophers stone.

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Of course the keen optic and telescope are good if they drop

I found that dragon scale and Grove now is also great because your illusion can still apply those effects.


That's all, thanks for reading and I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.


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