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7k Meepo Guide (Detailed)


I haven't really seen many high level in-depth Meepo guides out there, so here's my take on Meepo.

Peak 7.2k, currently washed up 6.4k Immortal player in NA who has over 1600 games with Meepo at 64% winrate (according to the Dota client). Recently played in a couple amateur dota leagues in which my teams have consistently won games first phasing this hero.


This is a LONG guide… I tried to break it down to make it more digestible if you want to jump around. Maybe one day I'll make a video/visual guide..

Tldr: Meepo Stronk with stats. Level stats, buy stats, become stats. Farm efficiently and aggressively and plow down buildings with aegis when you're too big to fail.

I'm going to gloss over the basic information of the hero, while highlighting the interesting and unwritten interactions.

Meepo's Stats

Meepo's most notable stats are his 6.8 base armor and his insane 330 movement speed. Recent changes also gave him a smaller collision size so his movement speed feels a lot better when chasing down heroes or running away at all points in the game.

Special notes on his abilities:

  • Earthbind prevents heroes from going invisible AND REVEALS INVISIBLE UNITS
  • Earthbind has a 100% uptime when you have 4 Meepos
  • Poof is a cast time not a channel, so it can be used in between disables/silences
  • Poof can be used on illusions. This includes runes, manta, shadow demon, CK Aghs, etc.
  • Ransack makes Meepo scale really well and manfight like a raid boss
  • Meepo clones have the same abilities, talents and boots as Meepo. If one dies they all die.
  • If any clone die with the aegis, you always respawn at the location of Meepo Prime.
  • Any stats that Meepo prime gains, his clones gain as well. Boots, inherent stat levels and talents are also gained independently (More on this in "Double Dipping")

Meepo's ult is what makes the hero so impactful as you have control of up to 5 full strength autonomous heroes with independent health, cooldowns and full scaling. This allows you to attempt otherwise time-consuming or high-risk, low-reward plays and ganks while still farming lane/jungle to minimize that risk. No one else can farm mid lane, triangle and attempt to gank/chase the enemy hard carry at the same time.

Double Dipping

Meepo’s clones can gain stats independently, while also gaining stats from Meepo Prime. The most common source of this is from Power treads (since all meepos will have a pair of Power Treads), lvl 10 Talent (+6 Strength), and stat points (+2 stats each, up to +14 stats)

Since Meepo prime gets 10 strength, his clones get 10 strength. His clones, however, also have their own power treads so they get an additional 10 strength. Therefore, treads on Meepo gives him 10 stats and gives all of his clones 20 stats of his choice. The same applies to the talent tree, so 6 strength for Meepo prime and 12 strength for his clones, and the stat levels for up to +28 stats on clones.

Item/Ability/Talent build

Here's the undisputed best Meepo build for those that have not yet seen it.

Abilities (or not):

1-1-2 and STATS. Meepo gets so much value out of each stat point that you don't need more than 4 skill points in your abilities before level 16. The ONLY TIME I'm building this hero with max poof is when I am specifically matching up against heroes like Broodmother or Phantom lancer where my poof damage is needed to clear large amounts of units. The truth is, your abilities scales really poorly and you can tank up to such an extent that you can apply immense amounts of map pressure like a Bristleback with the mobility of a Natures prophet.


Meepo essentially gets 3-4x the value from any stat item that he buys. In addition, his clones can't use any active items such as BKB and don't make use of raw damage/hp/armor, so you don't really have that many choices in items. Just buy the most efficient stats…

Diffusal blade builds really well, has baller stats, and has a strong slow on a low cooldown which helps you catch heroes without having to level and land long range nets.

If you find some comfort in a cookie cutter build, here's the rundown:

  • Start with Double Circlet or double slippers, QB, Tangos and a branch or sentry
  • RUSH POWER TREADS, THIS ITEM IS INSANE (Important to bring out 1-2 salves as needed)
  • Get 1-2 dragon lances (If you think you will die trying to fight early then get 2 lances)
  • Diffusal blade -> E-blade/skadi ->skadi, skadi, skadi
  • If tanking up won't work because they have some glass cannon damage that doesn't run out of steam (like puck, elder titan, core winter wyvern, etc.), then go for Diffu -> blink -> hex ->skadi/eblade
  • Aghs is fun, but it is kind of poop since it is cancelled by stuns, silences, roots, hurtful words, mean glares, etc. and it is a channel rather than a cast time. This means if your cast is cancelled or you issue a different command while trying to burrow, it triggers the cooldown of 40 seconds. A skadi is almost always better.
  • If you have some kind of blink stunner you could go for a shard instead of a blink since it's cheaper and better in certain cases.


Meepo’s talents seem to follow a pretty straightforward path. More damage, or more survivability. In about 90% of my games, I’ll take the Strength, evasion, Ransack damage and additional Meepo.

Specifically, the level 20 ransack talent makes you a BEAST. The spike at level 20 where you've just maxed ransack and are getting the talent will make you impossible to fight/kill if you are able to hit enemies. If you can't hit enemies because you're getting kited, then get the net cooldown and SPAM IT EVEN MORE.

Cool, now how tf do I actually play this hero…

Practice makes perfect, and this section is HIGHLY PERSONALIZED. What works for me might not work for you, so you can copy me or try to incorporate some of these concepts into your own playstyle.

Hotkeys and Control Groups:

PUT POOF ON QUICKCAST. Whatever key is easiest to reach, for me it is F. This makes your poof-blink combos possible and allows you to farm more efficiently.

Below are two sets of control groups. One of them is what I use, the other is one that I have seen and would recommend as the highest skill ceiling.

MY Control groups are as follows:

F1 – Meepo Prime

1 – All Units

2 – Meepo 2,3,4,5 (Last clone selected)

3 – Meepo 1,2 (Meepo 1 selected)

4 – Meepo 3,4,5 (Meepo 3 selected)

5 – Meepo Illusions (Manta + Illusion Rune)

Tab to cycle through the selected units to use abilities, items, etc.

If I wasn’t too lazy, I’d go further to the following control groups. I believe these are the highest skill ceiling control groups for maximum teamfight coordination:

F1 – All Units

1 – Meepo Prime, Alt+1 – Meepo 2,3,4,5

2 – Meepo 2, Alt+2 – Meepo 1,3,4,5

3 – Meepo 3, Alt+3 – Meepo 1,2,4,5

4 – Meepo 4, Alt+4 – Meepo 1,2,3,5

5 – Meepo 5, Alt+5 – Meepo 1,2,3,4

6 – Meepo Illusions (Manta + Illusion Rune)

These control groups allow you to isolate individual meepos in teamfights that are being targeted and either dig them, or run them away, and on the same hotkey (with Alt) select all other meepos to back them up with nets/poofs/items, etc. If you map a mouse-button to your alt-key you could make this even easier to get used to.

I’m sure there is an optimal mix that has both sets of control groups but I will leave that to the next evolution of humans who have 20 fingers and the frontal-cortex processing power to match.

If you have a programmable mouse and use mouse buttons, feel free to use your creativity and find the right fit for your micro playstyle.

Best Friends and Worst Enemies

I will list which heroes I believe are the strongest and weakest into Meepo, and I won’t go into any more detail than that because countering meepo comes down to a playstyle rather than a hero pick.

Enemy smurf has picked Meepo, you have to pick a hero to salvage the game:

– Underlord (His entire kit is amazing against Meepo, and a very easy hero to play imo)

– Elder Titan (Very fun for ET to play with the aghs and shard)

You have last pick, and want some free mmr. You pick Meepo because you see:

– Late-game glass cannon carries such as Antimage, PA, PL

– Single target supports such as Bane, Doom, Tusk, Clock, Shadow Shaman

– All Physical damage such as TA, Magnus mid, etc. (Your armor is incredibly high and very misleading for enemies)

Meepo's power comes from getting a net worth lead. You can win bad lane matchups by just not dying and recovering in the jungle to eventually out-scale and tank enemy spells.

You can counter Meepo by cutting his farming speed. Block jungle camps, roam and farm aggressively with multiple heroes, try to make it impossible for both him AND his carry to farm.

In teamfights, you should try to kite him with force staffs, euls, etc. You can counter a last pick Meepo by trying to rush a shivas guard, spirit vessel, crimson guard, etc.

On the other hand, Meepo's ideal draft is blink stunners who can help him dish out his damage. Drafting winning lanes / strong teamfight allows Meepo to pressure the enemy side of the map with his team while still farming his side of the map with clones and ramping up net worth.

Meepo exceeds when he is farming lanes and jungle with 2/3 Meepos while looking for action/being annoying with the 3rd/4th. Disrupt your enemy's farming patterns while simultaneously amplifying yours

Winning a Meepo Game

I'm not sure how long I can make this guide, but I'm going to include a detailed breakdown of relatively advanced concepts to win games as Meepo


You want to play the lane like a normal melee hero for the first few waves, aggro the wave to your ranged and using Poof to secure their ranged creep. Ransack at level two allows you to take MUCH more favorable trades with your attacks.

At level three, I often will save the skill point to see if there is kill potential at level 4 with net. As the wave is about to die (giving me level four), I will play very aggressively. Launch a net, hit level 4 and immediately scale ult to spawn the second meepo, follow up with net and run them down. If you know you can't posture aggressively, then just skip net for stats/ransack again.

Once you're level 4, if you can bully the enemy out of lane with both meepos, then keep the clone in the lane, if they're just pushing the wave regardless then send the clone to farm the jungle/triangle while you lane normally with Meepo prime. The jungling meepo will provide you with constant tango-level regen due to ransack, making you very hard to bully.

I can't make you good at laning by writing more, so go practice your mid lane mechanics and creep aggros.

Mid-Game jungling

At level 11, most Meepo players will assign Meepos 2 and 3 to jungle camps and gank with Meepo Prime. Due to the changes in Meepo Xp gain this is not the most efficient way to play it. If only clones are in the area when a creep dies, you get 30% xp and the rest vanishes. If Meepo prime shows up for the kill, you get 100% xp.

If it is time to gank/fight at level 11, I roam with the fresh Meepo 3, and Meepo prime is farming lanes. If Meepo 3 is farming an ancient/hard camp, it brings everyone to 200 hp so Meepo prime can poof in and get all the last hits so that we get full xp for that camp. Seems sweaty but this makes a MASSIVE difference in overall xpm which puts you very far ahead into that raid boss stage of the game sooner.

Late-Game Meepo

You really want to find pickoffs in the mid game and quickly take over the map with the first aegis. When the second aegis comes around is normally when you want to end the game, around 20-30 minutes in. When you eventually max Earthbind, SPAM IT when you're offensively sieging and teamfighting. It gives you vision and heroes tend to freak out when they're rooted, helping you and your teammates find good opportunities to follow up.

Rally your team to Victory

My most effecting advice to win more Meepo games is to play with confidence and inspire your team to play around your power spikes. Lead the team to take control of the game when the first and 2nd aegis drops. Maybe your Jugg will avoid that Midas battlefury build he saw on Youtube when he hears that his Meepo player is used to ending at the 20 minute mark.

As the strongest hero on the map, you want to be able to secure as much of an advantage, if not the whole game while you’re at your peak. This only comes by working well with your team and communicating your goals. Your biggest power spikes come from Level 11 + Diffusal blade, then level 18, then level 20 and level 25 talents.

When you are behind, you're never out. One miracle fight or one catch without their buyback and you can take 3 sets of rax in 30 seconds on this hero at level 18. If the early game looks rough, keep your chin up and outplay the enemies by split-pushing and threatening buildings. Meepo can punish enemy mistakes REALLY hard, so never give up till the throne falls!

I think that's it… AMA


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