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A case for the Strength of Necronomicon in 7.28


I think this item is getting pushed into new territory with it's changes, but people are still viewing it as it was pre-7.27.

Before 7.27 Necrobook became popular for two reasons; high mana regen, and high farm speed. The creeps had pierce type damage and killed neutrals and lane creeps incredibly fast, leading to people making Necro1 and using it as a farming item. Lead up to and in 7.27 these aspects get heavily targeted

Reduced mana regeneration bonus from 3/3.5/4 to 2/3/4.

Increased Demonic Summoning mana cost from 50 to 150.

Changed attack damage type from Pierce to Hero.

Reduced attack damage from 55-65/85-95/115-125 to 35-40/55-60/70-80.

Reduced attack damage from 70-80/90-110/115-135 to 45-50/55-70/70-85.

Removed Archer Aura.

Between these changes, Necro creeps do 1/3 less damage to creeps, while losing another 1/3 of their damage at the same time. The mana regen was now just enough to cover the cost of the active at the first level. Losing their MS and attack speed aura kind of sucks. The item was suddenly much worse for farming, people started drawing the line there, and relegated it back to it's normal summon synergy purchasers.

However despite these drastic numbers changes, the Necro units still do the same damage to buildings, and ~25% more damage to heroes thanks to the benefits of hero type damage. Along with this some other noticeable changes occurred in 7.28

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Increased movement speed from 350 on each level to 370/375/380.

Increased movement speed from 330/360/390 to 350/385/425.

Movement speed bonus: 5%/7%/9% (aura)

Reduced Demonic Summoning cooldown from 90 to 80.

Necro 3 units now move at 414/463 MS respectively. These things fly after heroes, and have a 100% slow built in. With this and the increased damage, if you just sick these on supports in early fights, there is a decent chance they will die. Someone kills the warrior in a fight they are probably dead too from the Last Will. Though they aren't easy to kill early with 900 HP and 40% magic resist. Aside from this they have a 75% uptime now, you farm, push, fight more, and are less likely to run into a dead period. Less reliance on CDR to make the item to feel good. Better fighting item overall.


Despite Necrobook being a mediocre farming item now, it is commonly found in Enigma games. So why does a teamfight hero, without direct summon synergy, want the item so badly?


The item does a little bit of everything. It has tank, mana sustain, push, dispel, detection, farm, fighting. But the most important advantage of all of this, is that it is strong early. Like most summons in the game they are most noticeable early in the game, they are flat stats that don't scale, and become worse as time goes on. Along with it's regular pressure, the Necro creeps clearing out wards and sentries puts significant pressure on enemy vision, and gives you freedom moving around the map.

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What does this do for a team fight hero? Have you ever been in the situation where you want to teamfight, but look at towers longingly while you try to force an advantageous team fight? This is what Necrobook does, you take more space through killing T1's and can farm that space with the Necro creeps. Suddenly the enemy team needs to come to YOU, the person who wants a teamfight, in order to stop you from taking a larger lead.


Despite this strength and presence in high MMR games, the item hasn't really found it's way to everyone else yet. While Enigma is the main source of this I can see now, I think many similar style heroes who would benefit from this. This post was inspired by the Necronomicon on Underlord thread, but I think other teamfight, aura building, offlane, heroes like Darkseer, Venomancer, Doom, Necrophos, Brewmaster could make good use out of this idea in some capacity. I think it also speaks to heroes that already like the item, Lycan and Beast already can speak for themselves, but I think it makes a case for more core Dazzle as well.


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