Dota 2

A CN Dota Story feat. LGD & Maybe

(Translated upon request)

"Storm Spirit Died in Morphling's Arms"

Maybe stood on the ravaged high ground, its damaged buildings still alight with flames. In front of his eyes was Ame, wearing a Satanic mask, Ethereal Blade in hand, slowly pacing towards the World Tree.

Maybe turned around and looked at the battleground, his eyes full of despair and regret. Mars' corpse seemed to be twitching slightly, the Ursa Warrior still impaled on the ground by Morphling's liquid blade.

"Surrender, and we'll spare your life," the dark little fairy behind Ame said in a condescending tone, crossing her legs in the air and dangling her lantern.

"We'll carry on ahead. But it ends here for you," Elder Titan bellowed. "You've already proven yourself. Just stop now."

"…" Bian remained silent on his Armaggedon steed.

"Over my dead body!" Maybe roared in anger, "Ame! DIE!" Maybe clenched his fists, electric current overcharging his body and surging out of his eyes. His body at peak capacity, he charges towards Ame at light speed.

Ame did not back down, charging up power in his fists and clashing head on with Maybe's attack. The enormous impact instantly tore apart the space around them, creating a void that sucked in the clouds from the dark sky.

Ame and Maybe exchanged blows, both of them not backing down, lightning and geysers weaved into each other in a dazzling display of white and green.

All of a sudden, a muscular female appeared, and with a great smash of her huge hammer onto the ground, she sent a shockwave in Maybe's direction. Maybe wasn't able to dodge it in time, and while he stumbled, Ame landed a heavy blow on him. Maybe groaned in intense pain, black blood oozing out of his mouth.

"So this is your ex? That all she got?" NothingToSay carried the hammer on his shoulder, "You're so noob, you sure your teammates aren't angry with you?" (Ref: Yuno's Chat Wheel Line)

"Don't interfere." Ame glared at NothingToSay. Knowing his place, NothingToSay took a few steps back, and walked towards the twin Tier 4 towers (Pun: Malaysian Twin Towers) with Bian.

"Once, I sacrificed my life for your farm. But today, I shall end you!!" Maybe exclaimed, stepping within range of an unknown AOE skill and ending his own life. Before Ame could react, a huge burst of light from the Radiant fountain blinded everybody. Maybe bought back, zipping towards Ame in a huge overcharged ball of lightning. But as they crossed path, the current quickly became too much for Maybe's body to handle. Ame grabbed the opportunity, put his hands together, forming a liquid blade, which pierced Maybe right through his chest.

Maybe fell into Ame's embrace. The Storm Spirit skin that was prickly and rough the second before, became as soft as the gentle waves of the Bucharest shoreline in the late afternoon.

Storm Spirit's eyes were no longer as clear and determined as they were before. His thin arms weakly grazed the horns of Ame's Satanic helmet.

After experiencing countless battles and feuds, of love and of hatred, Ame, with his own hands, put an end to Maybe's fate.

With his last remaining bit of strength, Maybe whispered weakly, "I never hated you."

And took his last breath.

Ame gently laid down the frail body in his arms, and turned towards the World Tree.

He didn't look back, quietly whispering to himself,

"Me too."

Note: Some scenes are completely fictional.


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