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A compilation of all the fake bios on twitch chat

Since these are sending me to heaven, I figured I'd try to compile the most re-used ones. I downloaded the twitch chat logs of the first three days using TwitchDownloader then tried to find the most repeated ones with atrocious python. If I recall correctly, the top-most repeated one was Ahmad "NothingToSay" Prakoso (497) and Cebu Pacific "Ceb" Dimaano (272).

I defnitely missed some, please comment it below! No better way than to support our favorite Indian teams and talent at TI 😀




  • Cebu Pacific "Ceb" Dimaano is a Filipino professional Dota2 trashtalker who currently trashtalks for Olongapo Gaming (OG), an E-sports Team based on Zambales, Philippines. He is currently embroiled in a trash-talking battle with random twitter trolls and hopes that in the future, people would take him seriously. He also aspires to be an airplane in his latter years.

  • Sabeesh "Ceb" Dubey is an Indian professional Dota 2 player currently playing under the team "OG". Sabeesh plans to use his tournament winnings to seduce girls on the social media website Facebook.


  • Sudeep "SumaiL" Vernakulum Muthu Sanjeev is an Indian professional DoTA2 player who currently plays for OmGuru (OG), an Electrical Sports (E-Sports) team based in Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu, India. He's currently also working as a tech support at Dell Systems, and is looking for a core engineering job in a hardware company.

  • Suwono "Sumail" Ismail is an Indonesian Professional Dota 2 Player who currently plays for OG(Orang Guru) Esports. He used to work as Cassava farmer in Wonosobo before recruited by OG after winning Wonosobo Open Dota 2 tournament. Currently Sumail rank 1 in Central Java Pub ranking.

  • Suman Illonggo "Sumail" is a Filipino food enjoyed by adding sugar and choking to death. This food represents King and feeding. Eat Suman to increase your MMR. Sumail Filipino Pride <3


  • Alexander "n0tail" Magsanoc is a Professional Filipino Dota2 player currently playing for Onting Gulang (OG) together with 4 bisaya players

  • Juan "n0tail" Matigasin is a Professional Dota 2 Player who currently plays for Olongapo Gaming (OG) an E-Sports Team based on Zambales, Philippines. He is currently moonlighting as a macho dancer with the stage name "Bulaklak" in Adonis Gay Bar. He is also hoping to become a career politician.


  • Rakesh "Topson" Patel is an Indian professional dota 2 player currently playing for the team "OG". He plans to use tournament winnings to fund a renovated sewer system for his village in northern punjab

  • Luhut "Topson" Widodo is an Indonesian chess grandmaster who also plays for OG dota. He likes to play chess during his free time and beating chess scrubs. Luhut favorite food is yoghurt sourced from free range cows in Bekasi. He plans to take a vacation in the Bali after TI

  • Topias "Topson" De Guzman is a Professional Dota 2 Player who currently plays for Olongapo Gaming (OG) an E-Sports Team based on Zambales, Philippines. He's also currently working as a Tambay outside Jollibee begging for Chickenjoy, He also hopes to be a top Dota 2 Player.



  • Prakash "Puppey" Yadav (born 6 March 1990) is and Indian professional Dota 2 player who is captain of team Shakti. He is currently the tallest man in India.

  • Clemente "Puppey" Ivanez is an Peruvian Dota 2 player playing for Team Alpacas (incorrectly pronounced as Team Secret). Apart from playing Dota, Clemente is the owner of an international company that sells Machetes around the world


  • Mahatkash "Matumbaman" Tumabo is a Somalian professional Dota 2 player who currently plays for team Shakti, an Indian based Buddhist and oil peddling eSports team. He currently plays on Brazilian servers and has selled his wife to purchase internet to pursue his dream in Dota 2.

  • Rusman "MATUMBAMAN" Hadi is a Carry player from Indonesia for Team Secret. His catchprase "APA ITU LEEEEE" is good for weakening enemy morale.


  • Madhulika "Nisha" Katona is an indian proffesional dota player who currently plays for Team Secret

  • "Nisha" Sharma is an Indian professional Dota2 player who currently plays for Secret, an esports team based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


  • Zakir "Zai" Khan is an Indian Dota 2 player playing for Team Srinagara (incorrectly pronounced as Team Secret). Apart from playing Dota, Zakir has made his mission to sprout as many trees as possible across the planet. He has planted 4 millions so far.


  • PSG "Pakistani Soldier Gamers" are five of Pakistan's best soldiers that are trained in cybersecurity assault tactics. Their members look Chinese because their eyes are perpetually concentrated on the screen. DotA 2 will be their arena of global dominance. Pakistan Zindabad !


  • Ahmad "NothingToSay" Prakoso is an Indonesian professional Dota2 player who currently plays for (Lembaga Gereja Dunia) LGD, an Indonesian christian missionary eSports team. He's currently also working as a factory worker in the nationally famous cigarette brand, Gudang Garam, and is on track to be promoted as an assistant manager.


  • Farooq "Faith_bian" Mamluk is a Turkish professional Dota 2 player who currently plays for LGD, (Lembaga Gereja Dunia) LGD, an Indonesian Christian missionary eSports team. He is also working part-time selling Shawarma in the streets of Jakarta. He hopes to win TI 10 so he can repay off his enormous debt to Indian loan sharks.

Quincy Crew


  • Qadir "Quinn" Chandraprakash is an Indian professional Dota 2 player who currently plays for Quicksilver Chapatis (QC). He is well known for his calm, zen like attitude even in the face of extreme pressure.



  • Kumar "kuku" Kuthrapali is a professional E Sports player from Tamil Nadu. When he's not playing offlaner for the Dota team T1 (Tamil One) he is busy ferrying people around Jaipur in his rickshaw

  • Kuntil "Kuku" Martin is a filipino dota player currently playing for T1, an Electronic Sports Organization based in New Delhi India. He's currently working as a comedian and entrepeneur in India and is set to star in his own comedy show name "Kukunginamo" and is also the owner of "Kukuko" nail salon.

  • Carlos Kumar "Kuku" Palad is an Indonesian professional Dota player from Palembang. He was recently awarded the Bintang Republik Indonesia by president Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.


  • Duapuluh "23" Tiga is a Malaysian professional Dota 2 player currently playing for T1 (Trombosit Satu SDN BHD), a Malaysian Biochemical firm and eSports team. He also sells Nasi Lemak in the morning everyday and hope to one day buy a car for his mother.


  • Xavier "Xepher" Pangan is a malaysian Professional Ice Cream seller for T1 (Tropical 1ce Cream). Ever since a child, he dreams to buy his family their own ice cream shop. He joined TI to sell ice cream and advertise their business.



  • Daniel "Dj" Padilla is a filipino actor currently playing for Fnactic, an indian Electronic Sports Team. He currently works as a professional Dougie battler and is set to compete in the 2022 Dougie Olympics.





  • Shandy "s4" Sharma is the best offlaner in the world playing in team Aladindia based in Europe. He is currently working part time job as Substitute Calculator in Potato Harvesting Company. His dreams are to hones the aegis of immortality once again.



  • My name Artour Babaev. Sorry bad englandsky. I grow up in small farm to have make potatos. Father say "Arthour, potato harvest is bad. Need you to have play professional DOTO2 in Amerikanski for make money for head-scarf for babushka." I bring honor to komrade and babushka. Plz no copy pasteschniko well this is also a fake bio

  • Arvid "Arteezy" Rabbani is a professional player from Malmo, Sweden. He is currently playing for Team Elemental Gandhi (EG). Arteezy is on trial for committing arson in the suburbs. He is looking at a 8 year sentence in Sweden's federal prison. His bailout has been set at 1,4m USD. He is being adamant in order to secure 3rd place in TI in order to avoid jailtime.

Thunder Predator

  • TP, also known as The Philanthropist, is one of the biggest charitable organizations in the world. "No matter who you are, which region you from, come to us and we will give you free points" is their motto. Good men SeemsGood

  • SA “Soon Airport” is known as the contender to NA "Near Airport" for being fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on the International as well, they are investing in Speed runs. In particular they are current holders in getting into qualifier while doing Airport Any % and Airport no wins.


  • BIASJ "BSJ" is an American professional Dota 2 player who currently plays for Team NA. He is well known for his bias towards NA. Apart from playing Dota he works part-time at Mc Donalds.


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