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A Dedicated Core Winter Wyvern Spammer asking for his financial advice.

Content of the article: "A Dedicated Core Winter Wyvern Spammer asking for his financial advice."

The title a bit misleading, but I was worried that the reference might slip.

So to begin with, I am a Winter Wyvern spammer that picks Auroth at every possible matches. I am by no means a professional, but have built up over 1700 matches of experience solely for playing Winter Wyvern for all positions: Carry, Offlaner, Mid, Support, Jungler. About 80% of my matches are as core position and most of them being a Position 3 Offlaner.

In this post, I wanted to hear advice from different minds, hoping that would enlighten the feasibility of improving my playstyle for Winter Wyvern. I will not pick any other heroes or dedicate Auroth as a support if someone tells me to, but will appreciate criticism of why this idea is bad, as well as how to improve it.

At my current standing, whenever I play Winter Wyvern, I will have 2 builds: Physical Right Clicker, and Meteor Hammer initiation. In order to clarify you guys on what I do with this build, it is as thus:

  1. Meteor Hammer Response: This build is centered on rushing Meteor Hammer, trying to outlevel the enemy carry in order to nuke them with 1 Arctic Burn, 1-2 Splinter Blast, and a Meteor Hammer. The combo of Winter's Curse > Meteor Hammer > Splinter Blast allows me to stun single hero or a group of three to five, giving room for my teammate to follow up on said initiation. I would pick this build if my lane enemy can't be fought with right clicks (Weaver, Phantom Assassin, Anti Mage, Slark.) The meteor hammer is also meant to be used to prevent said hero from using escape skills such as blink, invis, or jump. In later games, Winter's Curse would be used on BKB-enabled carries, and if their BKB duration runs out quickly, channel Meteor Hammer on target.
    (Items: Meteor Hammer, Blink Dagger / Boots, Defensive Items, Refresher orb)
  2. Physical Rightclicker: This build is centered on building right click damage with the intention of killing tank enemies. I mainly build this if my teammate lacks the "damage departement" (there's sometimes people who believes having escape ability automatically wins a game.) It's beneficial with the range attack and possible assistance for tower pushing. With this build, there are two variants: Short-term (centered around Mask of Madness) and Long-term (centered around Mjiolnir/MKB/Moonshard).
    (Items: 2 Null Talisman / Bracer, Power Treads, Mjiolnir / MoM, (opt) Sange + ___, Black King Bar / Heart of Tarrasque.)
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Here's my current playstyle in laning (min 0-15)

I'd start with buying sentry ward, blocking the enemy's tower jungle on min 0, then proceed harassing the enemy with Arctic Burn, occasionally pulling from the closest creep camp. Rush my basic item and began rolling. I'd initiate with Arctic burn, flying without movement obstruction, and prioritize my ultimate, Winter's Curse, on a "kinda tanky" hero (not like a tanker). This is meant to prevent the ultimate from lasting too short, giving less room for fighting. I'd think ahead of which item fits best against my enemy (for example, trying to counter magic with BKB, multiple instances of stuns with Sange, or Blink Dagger to keep my distance. I often avoid ever buying Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Medallion of Courage, and Spirit Vessel.)

So that's as much as I can explain my current situation to you people. What do you guys think? Regardless if this train is going downhill, I plan to ride it down to hell. Why? Auroth, the Winter Wyvern, is my waifu.


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