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A detailed dissertation on Doom’s doom in Dota2: does Doom’s doom definitely doom already dead (doomed) dudes?

Content of the article: "A detailed dissertation on Doom’s doom in Dota2: does Doom’s doom definitely doom already dead (doomed) dudes?"

Doom, a DotA2 demon of the Dire division, can dictate the direction of a DotA2 dispute through the diabolical ultimate Doom. Doom dispels, deals damage, disables use of spells and devices, and does not get dispelled (cannot undo Doom once Doomed). Determining the ideal donee of Doom is a dire decision, as a doomed dude is all but defunct in a dispute, due to Doom’s drawn-out duration. Duly distributing Doom is a daunting and difficult decision for some; don’t distress. Don’t dismay. Don’t dread the Doom. DotA2Analyst’s direction will de-stress that decision-making and diffuse your Doom doubt.

Detailing how to delegate a Doom is difficult, but a decent dawning point is to define how Doom’s doom delivers on a distinct division of dudes to diminish diffuse Doom doubt. This dissertation is directed at dead heroes, and if Dooming an already doomed (dead) dude is indeed a decent Doom decision (details on dead dudes). Doom data were distilled from downloaded duels; a decadozen (120) of Dooms done on dead and a decadozen (120) of Dooms done on not dead dudes were documented. A doom was deemed decent if the Doomed dude died directly after or during Doom’s duration.

Defer to Dataset D (down), which definitively demonstrates Doom’s doom has a demonstrably diminished degree of death on already dead dudes. Doubtful that Doom doing his dirty deed on dead dudes is definitely disadvantageous due to Dataset D? Defensible. Don’t despair. A different dataset will defend Dataset D’s determination.

Dataset D Dead Dudes Not Dead Dudes
Decent dooms 38/120 73/120
Decent doom % 31.67 60.83
p value <0.0001%

A dozen DotA2 duels were done dually. A dozen with a detachment of 5 dead dudes dueling a Doom, and a dozen with 5 not dead dudes dueling a Doom. Dead dudes defeated Doom decisively (Doom defeated in 11/12 duels), and Doom’s doom had a decreased degree of death (26%) in these duels. Differently, not dead dudes diminishingly defeated Doom (3/12 duels), dying to Doom’s doom downright decisively (death to 65% of dooms). These data demonstrate deployments of dead dudes are decidedly deft at the destruction of Doom.

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The dog devour dog domain of DotA2 induces doubt and darkens decision determination. This dissertation’s directive was to discourage doubt due to deciding delegation of Doom’s doom. Distinctively, whether dooming already dead (doomed) dudes is decent. Data demonstrated that dooming dead dudes is defective and doom’s destination is decidedly more delightful on not dead dudes. Disobedience to this direction is done at DotA2’s own danger. Danke for deciphering this document, I do not dread discussion or debate.


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