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A huge amount of broken cosmetic items.

Content of the article: "A huge amount of broken cosmetic items."

Hello dear DOTA 2 developers. After 2 months, I am publishing this information here again. The game contains a huge amount of broken cosmetic items. I made this list thanks to many Reddit readers. This topic was created on your official forum, the list has about 50+ bugs.

Below I present a text list of the bugs found, for more details about each bug, see the forum thread. (With screenshots) I apologize for my english, I used a translator.

1. Arcana on the Rubick no longer changes "Avalanche" (green) after adding the prestige item on the Tiny in the compendium 2019.
2. Arcana on the Rubick creates terrible models of remnants (Ember, Storm and Void spirit), they appear without a cloak.
3. The immortal helmet on the Omniknight("Paragons rebuke") no longer changes of the second ability, after the global patch, when the ability "Repel" and replaced it with "Heavenly Grace", this immortal now only changes the icon.
4. The immortal tree on the Tiny since 2014 has had a unique animation of cleave damage in the form of a yellow wave, now it is gone.
5. Many heroes who have changed arcana-voices still have standard voice acting in the phrase wheel (Dota+). Very often after killing an enemy, the standard Pudge speaks phrases in the persona.
6. The immortal helmet on PA has terrible pixels if you are wearing arcana.
7. On almost all landscapes in these places the edges of the map are visible.
8. Oracle set "Riddle of the Hierophant" breaks the skirt in the game.
9. In some landscapes the walls of Rediant disappeared.
10. LC hair breaks when walking ("Helm of Desolate Conquest").
11. 4 cloaks from other sets on the WR arcana look broken and terrible, only during the game, everything is fine in the preview menu
In total, 4 cloaks need to be repaired
-Sylvan Cascade
-Cloak of the Battleranger (both styles)
-Cloak of Tranquility
-Gilded Falcon cloak
12. The "Radiant Conqueror Back" cloak lacks LC arcana effects (fire and wind effects). On the set developer page in the Workshop, the effects are present on this cloak, they can be seen on the gif.
13. WR taunt is still broken with Sylvan Vedette and no Arcana.
15. Missing "Shackleshot" projectile when equipped WR Arcana with "Sylvan Vedette".Only a small tornado flies.
16. Breaks effect the "Press the Attack" of "Prestige Immortal TI6" when equipped with "Radiant Conqueror Legs".
17. Curved circle of Underlord's "Pit of Malice" ability with the "Emerald Conquest" immortal equipped.
When the talent is level 15 lvl (+75 to the radius).
The black circle is even, but the green circle looks flattened and will not match the shadow.
It is not clear whether you will step into the trap area or not.
18. Many cosmetic items that break the effect of the ability when buying items for increasing castes.

The effect of the "Shadow Poison" ability from the "Mantle of Grim Facade" immortal breaks if you have any item in your inventory to increase your cast range.

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Invoker's "Deafening Blast" has the same problem when wearing the "Dark Artistry Cape".
Standard "Deafening Blast" has the same problem.

Death Prophet's "Crypt Swarm" ability with "Fluttering Mortis" equipped, generally loses the effect of the ability halfway through.
The enemy takes damage and does not know from what, because there is simply no effect.

Jakiro's "Dual Breath" ability when equipped with "Pyrexaec Flux" also loses the effect of the ability halfway through.
The enemy takes damage and does not know from what, because there is simply no effect.

Magnus's "Shockwave" ability with "Shock of the Anvil" also loses the effect of the ability midway.
The enemy takes damage and does not know from what, because there is simply no effect.

Broken "Scatterblast" cast range indicator for Snapfire.
The effect of the ability also disappears halfway.

19.The Techis Arcana lost mini-taunts on the mini-map when the enemy explodes on a mine, after the "Reborn" update.
20.Spring weather does not work correctly, only the lighting of the map changes, but there is no big effect of falling pink leaves.
21.Warlock's "Lantern of the Infernal Maw" item has displaced particles.
22.Sven with immortal "Vigil Triumph" equipped has a problem, when a critical hit is triggered, the blood on the ground always appears to the right of the target.
23.Ark Warden's standard model lacks mouth animation when he speaks. Previously, this animation was, but disappeared over time.
24. Axe's "Blood Chaser" has lost all of its animations and effects.
25. HUD of the "Burning Scale's" fire style is the same as default (not tinted red, others are tinted green and light blue).
26.Overlay textures on each other in two immortals from the same set.

The bug appears when walking.
Hair from "The Gates of Nothl" fits over the texture of the totem from "Nothlic Burden".

The threads on the left side of the "Fin of the First Spear" helmet pass through the shoulder textures from "First of the Flood".

27.Problems in the position of the hands in combination with immortals.

If you do not have an immortal shield "Vigil Signet", then Sven crookedly holds the sword "Vigil Triumph".

WD while casting his ultimate, holds the "Awaleb's Treundleweed" immortal staff unevenly, left hand dangling in the air.

28.Immortal "Blistering Shade" no longer grants a unique effect to "Wraithfire Blast" when equipped with arcana.
It must be done by analogy as in WR arcana
There the "Powershot" ability gains effects from both arcana and immortal bow.
It is necessary to make sure that the projectile is from the immortal hand, and the stun effect itself from arcana.
29. Strange Immortal Wing Interaction on Night Stalker + Set from .
If you combine the "Origin of the Dark Oath" set from with the immortal wings "Span of Black Nihility" together, adding a point in "Hunter in the Night" gives this scorching effects to the head and legs parts.
30. Immortal quiver "Maraxiform's Ire" has an issue with arrow effects when purchasing Desolator and "Searing Arrows" is turned off.
Same arrows when you have Desolator in your inventory.
31. Immortal skeleton "Maraxiform's Fallen" for some reason gives an effect for the ability "Searing Arrows", but this effect should be given by the immortal quiver "Maraxiform's Ire".
Immortal skeletons should not give this "Searing Arrows" effect.
32. Arcana "Feast of Abscession" lacks ground scratching animations when equipped with the "The Abscesserator TI10" immortal hook.
Animations do not work only if the arcana style is set to red, if the arcana style is set to green, the animations work again.
33. Immortal "Midas Knuckles / Razzil's Midas Knuckles" is missing its whole Effect when you kill a creep.
"Hand of Midas" effect is working correctly.
The effect of gold coins is missing.
34. Staff from "Masks of Mischief" has a black texture when equipped with arcana.
35. Left hand is constantly falling into the texture of the immortal skirt "Fluttering Mortis".
36. Arcana color does not show in the profile page. Now it only shows blue regardless of the color of the inserted gem.
Techies arcana too.
37. "Bow of the Battleranger" for some reason always with a taut bowstring, looks very strange.
38. Arcana has a broken attack animation that sometimes fires after running or moving.
WR just runs in place while attacking.
39. When you ult on CK all the clones sometimes have a stun animation flailing around the weapon for the entire duration of the ult.
non-cosmetic visual bug.
40. Drow holds all of her bows wrong. Her hand is shifted slightly to the left of center.
41. Drow's "Corset of the Master Thief " clips into her stomach.
41. Arcana WR often has no animation for attacking wards. She just stands still and arrows fly out of her.
42. Immortal "Malefic Drake's Strike" has the wrong effect radius of "Nethertoxin".
43. Similar bug with incorrect "Firestorm" radius effect.
non-cosmetic visual bug.
44. Immortal "Bloodmayne Avenger" has a shifted glow effect .
45. Immortal "Bracers of the Cavern Luminar" has a wrongly placed circle with a pattern, it should be parallel to the bracers, but now the circle is turned in different directions.
Now in the game the circle is not parallel to the bracers.
In the hero view menu, a circle parallel to the bracers.
46. Legendary weapon "Blade of the Demonic Vessel" now has broken effects on "Aphotic Shield".
All purple effects are gone, and purple circles are no longer circular.
47. When this weather effect is activated, black squares appear under all creeps.
48. The hook that Rubik stole now looks like the equipped hook on Pudge.
There used to be a standard hook, now it looks ridiculous, especially when Pudge is equipped with an immortal hook .
49. Rubick Arcana should change "Spectral Dagger" to green, but this only works when dagger is applied to an area, if dagger is applied to a target, it remains black.
50. The hero's silhouette during teleportation looks broken if the "Censer of Gliss" immortal is equipped in his left hand.
51. Arcana+"Mindless Slaughter-Belt" . A strange brown texture appears on the belly on the left.
52. The hand is incorrectly holding a tree in the "Ancient Inheritance" set.
The problem is not only in the set itself, but also in the weapon.
53. The helmet from the "Pressure Regulator" set is broken.
54. Immortal "Muh Keen Gun"+"Blacksail Cannoneer Hat". White textures appear on the beard while running.
55. "Horns of Eternal Harvest" is broken.
56. Immortal "Edge of the Lost Order" is broken. The glow effect is displaced if the bracer slot is empty. Or if equipped with some old bracers.
If Arcana is equipped, there is no bug.
57. While walking, the immortal weapon "Etienne's Revenge" just hangs in the air.
Previously, he always held it in his hand. 58. If after using the "Swashbuckle" ability you continue to move without stopping, then in front of the hero there will be 2 models of immortal weapons "Etienne's Revenge" .

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And this list is updated every time. Some bugs are 2-3 years old and not one of them has been fixed yet.

I will be very grateful to everyone who will support me. I will also be grateful if you can help me find even more new bugs in cosmetic items.


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